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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Out of Blog

HI All,
Sorry for being off bloggin for a while have been busy with work and was not keeping well.
Will be back to the bloggin world this weekend...
Here u go with a small joke..

What's in a name?
A guy was invited to some old friends' home for dinner. His buddy preceded every request to his wife by endearing terms, calling her Honey, My Love, Darling, Sweetheart, Jaanu, etc.

The guy was impressed since the couple had been married almost 70 years. While the wife was off in the kitchen he said to his buddy: "I think it's wonderful that after all the years you've been married, you still call your wife those pet names."

His buddy hung his head. "To tell you the truth," he said, "I forgot her name about ten years ago."

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day 6

5th June 2006
It was a Monday. The beginning of the week and the day Jaanu was going to go back to Rajkot. My day started at 5.30am. I don’t know why but I got up early; maybe because I knew that Jaanu was leaving today and I was kinda getting restless. I wanted to cry… cry a lot….I just wanted to be alone all by myself thinking about a lot of things that have happened in my life and I wanted to think if the decision I have made this time is correct or not. I just sat alone in the balcony and just kept on thinking about it from 5.45am to 6.45am. I then went out to get the newspaper and tried to read the content but was not able to concentrate on the same. I just felt so weak. They always say that the women’s greatest strength is her greatest weakness. Finally I got ready by 8.30am and I was out to office.
As we had taken Raghu’s bike for a few days for Jaanu so Jaanu had to come down to office to drop off the bike. Since Nishil slept last night with Jaanu at the hotel so he had to drop him back to his place. Jaanu dropped Nishil off at MG Road and came down to my office. He was there at office by 9.50am. We got the fuel filled in the bike and gave it to Raghu. Later we went down to the hotel to collect the baggage and then drop Jaanu off to the airport. We still had some time. By the time we reached the hotel it was 10.45am. We had another one hour. We sat for a while, spoke, hugged him and cried… I know that Jaanu was sad too, I could see it in his eyes. I just felt terrible at that moment. I didn’t want him to go. I wanted him to be there with me always. I just hugged him and cried…. Finally we left the hotel to go the airport. We reached airport by 12.30pm. I was praying hard for the flight to get delayed but when we went to the counter; the flight was on time. Jaanu hugged me again and bid me farewell and told me to go away and not wait there. But I waited there I was there for almost and hour. all alone hoping that he would come back to me and hug me tight. But he didn’t. The flight took off and then I went back to my office. Sat in front of my PC wondering what I should do and where should I start the work from. I was already missing him a lot and I had the best days of my life in these 5 days. He reached Mumbai and gave me a call and from Mumbai he had to go to Rajkot back home. The flight for Rajkot was at 7.00pm. He was just going around the place and then got into the next flight and was back home by 8.15pm.
Jaanu was telling me that Tushar and Mitesh ( Jaanu’s childhood friends) came to the airport to receive him and gave Jaanu garlands for the great achievement of coming to Bangalore and hiding it form his parents about the trip…..
Thanks Jaanu for these 5 beautiful days of my life. I would cherish every single moment spent with you.
This one is for you Jaanu :

Since you left, the things I love just haven’t been the same
All that I have left of you, is a picture in a frame
Things just don’t feel the same without you
The world is just not as fun without you
Things just don’t taste the same without you
And what I am saying to you is from my heart and is true
I miss your eyes, I miss your hugs, I miss your sweet embrace
I miss your smile, I miss your kiss and that look on your face
I will always be the one here for u to hold
When you are lost and stuck out alone in the cold
You were the one who always put a smile to my face
You were the one that always made my heart race
You were type of guy that made everyone envious
Now without you, in my heart there is an empty space

Friday, June 16, 2006

Day 5

4th June 2006
Hmmmmmmmmm Sunday……. Was a very interesting day. My company; like any other organization was on off on. Now tell me how would I come out of the house the entire day and be with Jaanu. Well this was all pre-planned. I had told my mother that I have some kinda training in the office on Saturday and Sunday. All the branch managers and general managers form all India would be coming down for this training and I too have to attend the training . heheheh My mom trusted me . Sorry mom didn’t mean to hurt u though. This was the excuse for the weekend to be out with Jaanu.
Well as it was a Sunday; I was veryyyyyyyyyyyy lazy to get up from the bed…so got up at 9.00am and got ready and was out from home by 10.00am. Jaanu and myself had decided to go to temple. Actually yesterday Jaanu had asked me if I go to the temple and I told him that I go on every Monday and Saturday. And since yesterday was a Saturday I couldn’t go to the temple coz had to be with Jaanu. So we decided to go to the temple today. I met him on the Airport road and then parked our bikes in
Kemp Fort and went to the Shiva and Ganesha Temple. Jaanu always says that he doesn’t believe in God, but today I saw him praying to God and it really felt good. I know what he was praying and for whom. After that we went to Café Coffee Day for breakfast. I always had this fantasy of sharing a ice cream and a choclate cake with Jaanu. So we ordered for a Choc-o-Vloc and Irish coffee. The Choc-o-Vloc was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo YUMMY.
After that we went to Garuda Mall at about 11.45am. Went around the place and picked up tickets for
36 China Town and went around the place thinking what to do coz the movie was at 3.45pm. So we went to this place in the mall named Scary House. It actually aint scary but its something like a house that these guys have made with all skeletons and ghosts around. Well to be frank it actually is kinda scary but I came out bravely with a smile on my face and heart beating at the rate of 180 beats per min.. hehehehehehe…..
Next I called up Prashant {My ex-colleague in accenture and one of my good friends} to meet us up. He said he would be there at the mall at 2.00pm. So we again kept on thinking about what to do next coz it ws just 12.30pm and were not hungry coz we had a late breakfast. So we went to
Shoppers Stop and saw a few shirts for Jaanu and a few kurti’s for me… I really liked those kurti’s a lot but didn’t feel it was worth the cost. We then went to Westside for some shopping. I liked a few kurti’s but was kinda expensive and Jaanu thought it was not worth the buy. He forced me like crazy to pick them and he wanted to gift them to me.. but I said NOOO { now don’t think that I am crazy to say no to him when is ready to buy stuff for me } … Then we at Westside I saw this cool shirt for Jaanu. I told him to try it out and he did and it looked perfect.. Remember the post Shirty Mess ; this was the same shirt. Then I tried on a few more kurti’s again I loved them but didn’t but them.. not worth the buy… Then we met prashant and went to the food court and I had some salad and rice and rajma and Jaanu has some chats and then prashant was getting bored with us so he took off home back home and we went in for the movie.
36 China Town was a timepass movie.. Little comedy, little suspense nice songs, cute Shahid Kapoor, sexy Kareena, nice shooting locations and ok ok songs.
After the movie with a heavy heart I said bye to Jaanu coz I wont be there or rather we wont be there with each other tomorrow onwards the entire day. Jaanu was leaving the next day to Mumbai. He dropped me off to the temple again and picked up my bike and Jaanu got off his bike and kissed me in front of soooooooooo many people on my cheeks… I was shocked… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I went back home and Jaanu went to meet Nishil at his place. Jaanu got back along with Nishil to the hotel later in the night at 12.00am and they were off to sleep.
Day 6 in the next post.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day 4

3rd June 2006:
I began my day at the usual time. Got up at 8.30am, as it was a Saturday I was feeling to lazy to get up from the bed… but aaahhhh I had to meet Jaanu. Got ready and was of again to office. Met my team guys for a while, found out what work they had the previous day and told them what needs to be done today. U know sometimes I feel that my team guys can not manage the show for the day without me. I am not trying to say here that they are completely dependent on me or trying to say that I am just tooo good at my work. But its just for a simple fact there are so many things that are going in that organization that my team guys don’t know 60% of the info. They do not have the contact details of any vendors if there is some problem related to IT Support or IT Infrastucture. They do not know half of the passwords that we use for a couple of things. Its like most of the info is with me. Though I had taken a leave for 4 days but these guys did trouble me a lot over the phone for all small small issues. Accepted that I ignored most of their calls unless my boss calls me up :P
Anyways Jaanu came down to my office and picked me up at office at around 9.45am. We were already kinda getting late coz Jaanu had got stuck in the traffic and the movie
“Poseidon” was going to start at 10.25am. By the time we reached the theatre it was 10.35am. The movie had just started so we were glad that we didn’t miss much of it.
The movie was great. “Poseidon” means the god of the sea. This movie is based on a ship that sinks off on a new yrs eve. Well it seemed like it was almost the remake of Titanic; the only difference being that people died here coz of Tsunami instead of an iceberg. It’s a story about how 6 people come out alive from the ship which is deep inside the sea. The movie did have a lot of technical stuff about the ship which probably a lay person like me wouldn’t have understood. But thanks to Jaanu “My Rig ballast Control Operator” explained me most of the things.
As we were getting late for the movie so we couldn’t have breakfast; that’s why during the interval I had some popcorn and Jaanu had Ice tea and American sweet corn. I have never tasted Ice tea ever in my life and today for the first time I sipped it a bit. Though I kinda didn’t like it but …aaaaaaa…. cool with me. Hehehehe
Next we just went back to the hotel and were chatting till the evening. We were actually kinda getting late coz it had started raining heavily. We were already out on the bike by 5.30pm but got caught in the heavy rain, so stopped by a store and stood there watching the rain. I wanted to play in the rain but was scared that I would fall sick the next day at wont be able to meet up Jaanu; that’s y I explained to myself “Kiran be a good girl “ :)
We waited for almost half an hour for the rain to slow down but I guess god wanted me to get drenched with Jaanu in the rain. We finally caught hold of a rick and got into it. The rick guy was very sweet and dropped us off by my office. By then the rain had stopped, but it was drizzling slightly.
I dropped Jaanu at the MG road and I got back home.
Jaanu later went to Garuda Mall again to have his dinner and get some movie tickets. But couldn’t find any.
He got back to the store to pick up his bike and was at the hotel by 10.30pm.
Day 4 ends here.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Perfect Husband --------

Have you ever wondered what a perfect husband would be like? I am sure the girls who are reading this blog post right now must be having a pretty fair idea about their PERFECT HUSBANDS..... but what about the guys.. Do you guys realise what it is to be perfect husbands?
No offense but frankly speaking i have more guy friends than the girls..Actualy i DONT have any girl friends.. Just office collegues but even with them i dont talk much. They all are too elder to me or we are so busy with work that we just get time only to say a
"Hi" and a "Bye" .
We usually have our lunch hour at work from 1.00pm to 1.45pm. Me and my team guys have lunch very late; say somewhere around 3.30pm or 4.00pm. So today i thought i would catch up with some of my friends in the recruitments dept and have a chat with the girls.
Soooo the topic of the day was
"My Dream Husband".Everyone had their own opinions, everyone told what they want in their husbands and how he should be lookswise and should be brainy and money minded and so on... the usual thing of " he should be smart, intelligent, lots of money honey, and should love me very much"
Will all this be enough to survive in this world ? Isnt there anything called UNDERSTANDING ??
It was my turn to tell the girls what kinda husband am i looking for. I ended up givin them a big lecture :P My statements were for and against men...
Now lets take a scenario of new married couples .... The kinda guy whom i already have found is the perfect match for me. I dont want a husband who works in a proper 9.00am to 6.00pm job. I never wanted things that way coz what i feel is when your partner is working in a 9.00am to 6.00pm job which usually tends to extend;
by the time he comes back he is so exhausted with work and tired that he cant think about anything except have a shower, watch television , have dinner, watch television, give a good night kiss to his wife and off to sleep. Correct me guys if i am wrong. This is what a usual guy having a 9 to 6 job does. Where is the scope of making a small chit chat with ur wife. Usually men tend to get cranky when u ask them " honey how was ur day " ... and the reply u get " can u please leave me alone for a while" ......... most of my married friends tell me this ok.. so i am preety sure that i am not wrong on this...
What happens over the weekends ? Guys always like to hangout with their guy friends. And usually the wives who are damn possesive about their husbands dont allow them to hangout with them. Why should the wives stop their husbands from going out with his guy friends ? Dont you all girls think that the man his right to have his own space in life ? When you both have decided to spend your entire life with eachother with respect then why not give him the respect and let him to what he wants to. I am sure that if the guy is sensible enough he would know what is right for him and what is wrong for him. A girl always wants to know where her husband is going, what time he would be back and with whom is he goin out... Are all these questions reallyy required.. I dont think so... I have found a guy for mysel whom i trust the most. I an say trust more than myself. He is the sweetest thing possible.
I'll tell u one incident.I happened to have sms'ed Jaanu one day evening asking him
" Hi How r u.. how was ur day" . He replies back. " Hi jaan , my day was good. got up at 9, got ready went out for some work, came back home sat online for a while, had lunch, went to sleep at 3 and got up at 5, now out with mom was some shopping " .......... Wow he gave me the entire report for the day. Thats was something that i didnt expect from him. Another day i sent across the same message and he replies me back with all the things in he did that day. I was actually kinda missing him and ws too tied up with work so couldnt speak to him during the day and usually in the evenings he is busy with his friends. So i thought i would sms him rather than speaking with him over the phone. Yesterday Jaanu was out with his friends for a cricket match and 2 of his married friends had come over with their wives. Later in the evening Jaanu... Tushar, Mitesh and Dheyi ( Jaanus childhood friends) were out for a long drive on the highway and stopped at a place for some tea. They were discussing about how their future should be even after marriage. Finally Tushar said " i hope we will always be this way out in the nights even after marriage". Jaanu was very confident and said that " I dont think i woudl have this problem, coz Kiran herself likes going out a lot".---- Thanks Jaanu for having faith in me..
*What i want in my husband is faith and trust me in . I think this is the most important thing in any relationship. If u dont have faith and trust in eachother there is nothing called relationship left between the partners.
*I want my husband to love me for whom i am.
*I want my husband to be fun loving.
*I want my husband to be outgoing
* I want my husband to realise a simple fact that everything on this earth cannot happen always the way he wants it to be.
*I want my husband to give me the freedom to do what i want to do.
*I want my husband to me when i need him.
*I want my husband to help me sometimes with the daily chores.
*I want my husband to wipe my tears when i am crying.
*I want my husband to give me hope when i am loosing out on something.
*I want my husband to be a good husband and a great father and an excellent son to his parents.
What i will give to my husband is all the love he requires.
*I want to give my husband his own space in life.
*I am not going to ask my husband 101 questions for simple things
*I am not going to stop my husband from going out and meeting his friends
*I am not going to order him to do the house chores
*I am not going to stop him from buying things that he wants to buy ; but just give a slight adaice to him and ask him only one question " is it worth this amount ?" { Jaanu this point is specifically for you} -- Let me tell u this incident.Jaanu had picked up a Samsonite Backup 3 months ago. When i saw the backpack the first time i met him. I jsut didnt find it worth the price he paid for it. When he came down to bangalore i got the opportunity to carry the backpack and trust me guys i loved it.... it was so light even though there were quiet a lot of things stuffed into it... Price : Rs 2000/- ........Good buy Jaanu... {applause}
*I want my husband to give me kiss everyday in the morning when he gets up { I think that would be enough for me to be happy all day }
* I want to be there for my hsuband when is not feeling that great and wants to share his thuoghts and view with someone. -- I know i am good speaker but yes i am a good listener tooo..
*I want to be a good wife, a great mother, a great daughter and a wonderful Daughter-In -Law

Day 3

2nd June 2006:
The day3 was a nice one. We were out all day long. I left home at the usual time of 9.00am to head towards office. Ofcourse i was on leave on 2nd June but Jaanu was going to come to pick me up. As mentioned in the Day 2 we had picked up tickets for the movie Fanaa and the show was at 11.25am. I reached office at about 9.30am and jsut met my team gus and gave them the tasks for the day and by 10.30am Kitan was at my office. Since he didnt have his breakfast so we went over to this juice shop near my office and had mango milk shake { yummy } and Jaanu had a sandwich. We then rushed for the movie. 3 hours Fanaa. It was a nice movie. Something different from the usual hindi movie flicks.. The best thing in the movie were its songs. I loved them all. For me in a sing its most of the times lyrics wat matters more..i loved the shayari in the songs... "Chaand Sifarish" :The first song of the soundtrack and the best. and i loved "Dekho Na " : The song starts with the sound of rain pouring. Extremely romantic song sung by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan. Sunidhi is truly AMAZING in this song! .Listening to this song makes one imagine snow-capped mountains, green grass and flying sarees. It’s that romantic. Prasoon Joshi personifies the wind and the weather through his lyrics and that’s what makes this song such a delight to listen to. The movie was over by 3.00pm. We were not very hungry so just had a Choclate milk shake with nuts at the Transit ( the food court at the Forum). Then we decided to go for bowling at Ameoba. Went for bowling and picked up the tickets. We were also waiting for Nishil to come down. Nishil and myself wanted to meet eachother. And like a usual bollywood star he said " bhabhiji i wil be there in 30 mins " . We called him again and then he said "i am down i will just come 5 mins" . We ordered for some green color drink...10 mins were over and he still didnt come to meet us.. Jaanu went down in search of him and couldnt find him anywhere. Jaanu came back up and said "yeh nahi milne wala sala, come lets go for the game ".
We went in for the game and after some 5 mins FINALLY Mr. Nishil came along with Mihir and they were seeing us bowl. Nishil was cute.. and Mihir sooooooooo tall and just looked like Sukhbir Singh and a chain smoker. Eeeekkkkssss.... U know during the bowling i was winning the game and it was my turn and i took the ball in my hand and i dont know how.. it just slipped off my fingers and instead of going in front it went off behind near the sitting area... Both of us just coulndt stop laughing... coz of the ball sliping off from my hands i kinda hurted my fingers... so couldnt play the rest 3 shots well.. Anyway finally the WINNER WAS OFCOURSE MEEEEEEE.........
After the game we went to
Cafe Coffee Day sat there for a while....had coffees and then left the place... One thing i kinda didnt like it was Mihir was constantly talking with Nishil and Jaanu in Gujarati, even after realising that there was a non gujju spekaing person sitting along with them ME. Anyways i didnt mind that coz i was trying to understand the language and can ay i couldunderstand 40% of what Mihir was speaking :) There was this incident that i must appreciate Nishil for. While were sitting and having coffee at CCD; there were these 2 foreigner ladies sitting and smoking in th smokers zone. It was a bit sunny at that point of time and the sun wa about to set which was facing towards one of the lady. Nishil had told us that " just wait and watch now she will remove her sun glasses and put them on". We kept on waiting for the right time and within a minture she removed her sun glasses and put them on. We all burst out laughing. I never knew Nishil knew sooooooo much GIRLS :P . Nishil and Mihir left later and then Kiran and myself went to Garunda Mall and thought of picking up movie tickets for the next day movie.. we wanted to watch "Da Vinci Code" but couldn't get the tickets for the same. So we decided to watch "Poseidon".
Then Jaanu droppped me back at office on the bike and i got back home 7.45pm.
Jaanu went back to the hotel and was chilling out.
We spoke for a while over the phone in the night and then went off to sleep.
I sometimes really feel bad that i couldn't be with him the entire evenings and just left him everyday at 7.45pm :(
Sorry Jaanu. I promise i will make it up for all those evenings that we missed...

Sorry guys had to edit the post again to add this last paragraph.
After Jaanu read this post he reminded me on 2 incidents that i forgot to add in Day 3.
* We had been to a bookstore to purchase a few Archies Digest. Jaanu is a big fan of Archies and has a whole lot of them collected since childhood. The bookstore guys where chargin us Rs25/- for each book but Jaanu refused to take them as he wanted to purchase it for Rs20/- each. He had picked up a total of 10 books. The bookstore ppl didnt negotiate for the cost so he dropped the idea of picking the idea of purchasing them. So i thought since he is a fan of Archies i would buy it for him. But Jaanu gave me such a horrifying stare that i said ... hmmm ok fine chalo aage.. :P
* When Nishil, Mihir, Jaanu and myself were walking up the road to Cafe Coffee Day, we met a small girl selling red roses and she was pestering Jaanu to take them for me... Mihir and Nishil and myself were just laughin a lot. So Jaanu took 2 roses from the girl and later i absolutely forgot about them . 2 Days back i asked Jaanu as to why he didnt give me those roses. He says " Those roses were not so nice to give it to such a nice person like you"...
thanks jaanu .

Friday, June 09, 2006

Shirty Mess !!!

Yesterday I had my first fight with Jaanu. When Jaanu was here in Bangalore, we had been to Westside to pick some shirts for him. He tried on one shirt which really suited him a lot and I too loved it. But Jaanu was fussy and didn't want to buy that shirt. So I decided that I would pick it up for him, even then he said no and he went and picked up a shirt for me and said that " if u are buying that shirt for me then I am gonna buy this shirt for u. "
I didn't want to pick up anything for myself so I dropped the idea of buying the shirt for him and went ahead..
After he left bangalore I went and picked up the same shirt and couriered it to him at his home. He messages me at 3.00pm and says that " got your shirt but had to pay for the octrio. dont know y "
Me with joy called him up to know if he was happy and he in turn scolds me saying that "this was not required. If I want I can buy a shirt for myself here you don't have to send it al the way from Bangalore. In bangalore it was a necessity but here it is not."
I got really pissed off and told him that " I have sent you this shirt as a gift, its not for the reason that you cant buy one for urself out there" and said bye to him .. hung up the phone... and switched off the cell phone. I later switch on the phone and get a sms from him saying that :
" There is not point you hangin up on me like that.Even if u call me after an hr or 10 hrs or 10 weeks or 10yrs u have to realise that you have done a mistake"
Now i dont understand this, is giving a gift to somenoe whom u love sooo much... is a MISTAKE :O
I replied back saying " i would not talk to u for the next 10yrs" and he said " Fine with me "
Later in the evening at 9.30pm and said :
" hello "
" What is it "
" U still angry with me "
" y should i be angry . u said u wont talk to me for some 10yrs right , so just waiting for those 10yrs to get over "
" Ok the 10yrs have got over jaanu, u know that we cant stay without talking to eachother for a single day "
" Yeah i know that, thats the whole problem here."
" u out with ur friends?"
" yes, i am out for a walk so will talk to u later in the night"
" cool, talk to u later then, byeee"
"bye , love u "

Then he calls me in the night at 12.30pm and again says that it is my mistake. Then i tell him that "if i picked up a shirt for you , it was out of love and a gift for you and the reason y i didnt take the shirt from u when u were here in bangalore is coz mom would ask me 10 million questions about it coz according to mom i was at office and not shopping jaanu!!! "( i didnt tell mom that i as on leave for 5 days esle she woulndt hae allowed me to meet Jaanu)
Then FINALLY Jaanu says " ok sorry :)"
i too after little "nakhras "told him sorry too.
It was a nice experience of my first stupid argument with Jaanu. We always used to wonder till now as to why we have never had an argument or a fight about anything. Finally we had our day :)
I hope we dont have this everyday though..
But frankly speaking people tell me
" is it wrong to buy a gift for the person whom you love ??"

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day 2

1st June 2006 :
I had asked my boss for leave from 1st june to 5th June. But boss had approved leave only from 2nd june. After giving tons of excuses and making sad faces he finally agreed to give me leave on 1st June too.. Jaanu was aware about my leave only from 2nd June to 5th June and he was a bit upset about it too but didnt express it. He didnt know that my leave on 1st June was approved later. I thought i would again give him a surprise by picking him up at the hotel. I left home at about 8.45am and took off on the Airport Road for Whitefeild. To reach to hotel its just one sinple straight long road with lots and lots and lots of traffic. I was stuck in the traffic jam for almost an hour. Jaanu was going on calling up on my cell phones and called up on my collegues cellphones too to find out where i was but i didnt recieve his calls. I was finally so pissed off with the sun on my head that i had no choice but to call up Jaanu and tell him that " sweetheart i am stuck in the traffic jam . I thought i would give u a suprise but sorry cant keep things to myself. I thought of giving u a surprise by knocking at ur door but guess thats not going to work."
Remember according to my previous post
Day 1 i was supposed to give him a suprise by picking him up at the airport.. that one also didnt work :(
Anyways i finally called him up spoke to him while driving..reached the hotel.. still talking...got into the lift... still talking with Jaanu over the phone and then knocked his door. He thought it was the house keeping guys and told them to go away.. but then i again knocked the door and stil talking with him over the phone haaan.. and finally he opens the door and sees me.. yippeeeeeeee i get to see Jaanu again after a month.. i hugged him... We both were waiting to see eachother.. so much... then we got off the room and were speaking in the lounge room. Both of were not hungry so didnt have breakfast .. just had some tea.. Then we decided to go out and take one of my fiends bike for him to use. We went to
Forum Shopping Mall. I was very hungry so wanted to have some grub.
He has sweetcorn soup and me hot and sour soup and we shared the chopsuey dragon.. yummmy..
Then we picked the bike from raghu and decided to watch a movie the next day so picked up the tickets in forum for
Fanaa. Then we just went around the place andwent to Ameoba, we thought we would do some bowling but then we were in no mood after reaching that place.. we just wanted to talk talk and talk.. we spoke for a long time and then he dropped me of till my bike and went back home at 8.00pm
He was just around ameoba for a while picked up a few things for himself to munch in the room and then went back to the hotel by 9.00pm.

Nishil and Mihir had been to his hotel to meet him late night at 11.00pm . They had dinner togeather and once they left Jaanu called me up on my cellphone. We spoke for a while and wished eachother good night.

It was nice day. We really spoke a lot and all these days the wait for him was just worth it after being in his arms.
Tell me confess this to you Jaanu in front of the Entire World Wide Web...I love u very much Jaanu.
I know i have told u this many times but i really mean it.

Amul : The Taste of India

I always love the amul comic strips.I had got these in a mail from my friend Ruchir working with motorola, bangalore.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Day 1

31 May 2006 :
Jaanu was supposed to come to Bangalore on 31st evening by Air Sahara flight arriving at 8.05pm. Jaanu's friend Nishil ( childhood friend, working in bangalore) and myself decided to give him a surprise by picking him up from the airport, but to my bad luck the flight was delayed by almost 3 hours.. Since it would have got late for me to pick him from the airport, i informed Nishil to pick up Jaanu and drop him off the hotel. Nishil has always been towards Malleshwaram side so he too didnt know about the location of the
Ginger Hotel so they gave me call at 11.00pm and expected me to guide them over the phone.
Mihir ( Nishil's cousin) was driving the car so fast that by the time i could tell about the next turning he was way ahead straight on the wrong route... i got so pissed off with them that i told them to find their way to the hotel at midnight on their own and give me a call once Jaanu has checked in....{u got a spank for that too Jaanu }.. He checked into the hotel and called me up from his room... and
Jaanu says
" sorry jaan.. mihir was driving fast.. it was late night and we couldnt find the right people to guide us and we were getting confused with the roads"
I said "
When u know that u guys are not sure about the route then why drive so fast and mess around the place... anyways its fine.. u are here in bangalore.. thats what i want"
We spoke about the flight delay for a while and then just a couple off general things. Wished eachother goodnight and were off to sleep... To be frank with you all, i slept that night only for 3 hours... I was getting very restless with the whole fact of he being in the same town and me not being able to meet him. I have been waiting for this day for almost a month and now when he is here i cant be with him or see him as soon as he landed at bangalore. ..SIGH!!!
I waited all night for the clock to tick fast. I woke up at 1.30am...slept at 2.00am... woke up again at 3.00 am... slept at 4.00am.. woke up AGAIN at 5.50am and didnt sleep after that.. after a long time i actualy sat in the balcony in the morning and was reading the newspaper and when my mom saw the balcony door open she asks me " are you alright ?"
Day 2 will continue tommrow..

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rainbow of my Life!!!

Hello all, long time since i have been to my blog and updated. Looks like my readers are really eager to know what i did for past so many days. I was out on a vacation; ofcourse not out of town but on a vacation in Bangalore itself.

My boyfriend had come down to meet me from Mumbai. Let me tell u all a few things about him.

" Asst.To The Captain on a Semisubmersible drilling rig off the coast of india. Involved Primarily in stability operations,cargo handling, helicopter and boat management & safety equipment & systems maintenance. im skilled at keeping my drilling rig afloat and being responsible for the lives of a 100 people."

Now can you imagine that long designation of his has so much responsibilties.. poor jaanu.. has to work so much.. :P

He just loves eating mangoes.. his mom has kept somewhere around 40 - 50 kgs mangoes stored for him to eat during his one month stay at home... wow... by the time he gets on the rig.. he would be become like a mango.. yummy and sweet and juicy.... hahahaha

He lovesssssssssss choclates, choclate cakes... ice creams like me.... this is one thing we have in common....

Jaanu is really crazy.. the pranks he plays on me.. his friends.. the incidents he telle me.. his ideas , his thoughts.. its just sometimes so different. But i love him the way he is..

Well i know i kept on buggin my readers with the poems and the countdown but for me it was worth the wait.. Next few post i will tell you all about the time i spent with Jaanu..or shall i say.. how i killed the time with Jaanu ( Kidding Jaanu ;) )

Jaanu is the rainbow of my life...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

will be back tommorow

Hey ppl....
thanks for all the mails you guys shooted in... will be back to my blog tommorow..