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Friday, June 16, 2006

Day 5

4th June 2006
Hmmmmmmmmm Sunday……. Was a very interesting day. My company; like any other organization was on off on. Now tell me how would I come out of the house the entire day and be with Jaanu. Well this was all pre-planned. I had told my mother that I have some kinda training in the office on Saturday and Sunday. All the branch managers and general managers form all India would be coming down for this training and I too have to attend the training . heheheh My mom trusted me . Sorry mom didn’t mean to hurt u though. This was the excuse for the weekend to be out with Jaanu.
Well as it was a Sunday; I was veryyyyyyyyyyyy lazy to get up from the bed…so got up at 9.00am and got ready and was out from home by 10.00am. Jaanu and myself had decided to go to temple. Actually yesterday Jaanu had asked me if I go to the temple and I told him that I go on every Monday and Saturday. And since yesterday was a Saturday I couldn’t go to the temple coz had to be with Jaanu. So we decided to go to the temple today. I met him on the Airport road and then parked our bikes in
Kemp Fort and went to the Shiva and Ganesha Temple. Jaanu always says that he doesn’t believe in God, but today I saw him praying to God and it really felt good. I know what he was praying and for whom. After that we went to Café Coffee Day for breakfast. I always had this fantasy of sharing a ice cream and a choclate cake with Jaanu. So we ordered for a Choc-o-Vloc and Irish coffee. The Choc-o-Vloc was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo YUMMY.
After that we went to Garuda Mall at about 11.45am. Went around the place and picked up tickets for
36 China Town and went around the place thinking what to do coz the movie was at 3.45pm. So we went to this place in the mall named Scary House. It actually aint scary but its something like a house that these guys have made with all skeletons and ghosts around. Well to be frank it actually is kinda scary but I came out bravely with a smile on my face and heart beating at the rate of 180 beats per min.. hehehehehehe…..
Next I called up Prashant {My ex-colleague in accenture and one of my good friends} to meet us up. He said he would be there at the mall at 2.00pm. So we again kept on thinking about what to do next coz it ws just 12.30pm and were not hungry coz we had a late breakfast. So we went to
Shoppers Stop and saw a few shirts for Jaanu and a few kurti’s for me… I really liked those kurti’s a lot but didn’t feel it was worth the cost. We then went to Westside for some shopping. I liked a few kurti’s but was kinda expensive and Jaanu thought it was not worth the buy. He forced me like crazy to pick them and he wanted to gift them to me.. but I said NOOO { now don’t think that I am crazy to say no to him when is ready to buy stuff for me } … Then we at Westside I saw this cool shirt for Jaanu. I told him to try it out and he did and it looked perfect.. Remember the post Shirty Mess ; this was the same shirt. Then I tried on a few more kurti’s again I loved them but didn’t but them.. not worth the buy… Then we met prashant and went to the food court and I had some salad and rice and rajma and Jaanu has some chats and then prashant was getting bored with us so he took off home back home and we went in for the movie.
36 China Town was a timepass movie.. Little comedy, little suspense nice songs, cute Shahid Kapoor, sexy Kareena, nice shooting locations and ok ok songs.
After the movie with a heavy heart I said bye to Jaanu coz I wont be there or rather we wont be there with each other tomorrow onwards the entire day. Jaanu was leaving the next day to Mumbai. He dropped me off to the temple again and picked up my bike and Jaanu got off his bike and kissed me in front of soooooooooo many people on my cheeks… I was shocked… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I went back home and Jaanu went to meet Nishil at his place. Jaanu got back along with Nishil to the hotel later in the night at 12.00am and they were off to sleep.
Day 6 in the next post.


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