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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day 4

3rd June 2006:
I began my day at the usual time. Got up at 8.30am, as it was a Saturday I was feeling to lazy to get up from the bed… but aaahhhh I had to meet Jaanu. Got ready and was of again to office. Met my team guys for a while, found out what work they had the previous day and told them what needs to be done today. U know sometimes I feel that my team guys can not manage the show for the day without me. I am not trying to say here that they are completely dependent on me or trying to say that I am just tooo good at my work. But its just for a simple fact there are so many things that are going in that organization that my team guys don’t know 60% of the info. They do not have the contact details of any vendors if there is some problem related to IT Support or IT Infrastucture. They do not know half of the passwords that we use for a couple of things. Its like most of the info is with me. Though I had taken a leave for 4 days but these guys did trouble me a lot over the phone for all small small issues. Accepted that I ignored most of their calls unless my boss calls me up :P
Anyways Jaanu came down to my office and picked me up at office at around 9.45am. We were already kinda getting late coz Jaanu had got stuck in the traffic and the movie
“Poseidon” was going to start at 10.25am. By the time we reached the theatre it was 10.35am. The movie had just started so we were glad that we didn’t miss much of it.
The movie was great. “Poseidon” means the god of the sea. This movie is based on a ship that sinks off on a new yrs eve. Well it seemed like it was almost the remake of Titanic; the only difference being that people died here coz of Tsunami instead of an iceberg. It’s a story about how 6 people come out alive from the ship which is deep inside the sea. The movie did have a lot of technical stuff about the ship which probably a lay person like me wouldn’t have understood. But thanks to Jaanu “My Rig ballast Control Operator” explained me most of the things.
As we were getting late for the movie so we couldn’t have breakfast; that’s why during the interval I had some popcorn and Jaanu had Ice tea and American sweet corn. I have never tasted Ice tea ever in my life and today for the first time I sipped it a bit. Though I kinda didn’t like it but …aaaaaaa…. cool with me. Hehehehe
Next we just went back to the hotel and were chatting till the evening. We were actually kinda getting late coz it had started raining heavily. We were already out on the bike by 5.30pm but got caught in the heavy rain, so stopped by a store and stood there watching the rain. I wanted to play in the rain but was scared that I would fall sick the next day at wont be able to meet up Jaanu; that’s y I explained to myself “Kiran be a good girl “ :)
We waited for almost half an hour for the rain to slow down but I guess god wanted me to get drenched with Jaanu in the rain. We finally caught hold of a rick and got into it. The rick guy was very sweet and dropped us off by my office. By then the rain had stopped, but it was drizzling slightly.
I dropped Jaanu at the MG road and I got back home.
Jaanu later went to Garuda Mall again to have his dinner and get some movie tickets. But couldn’t find any.
He got back to the store to pick up his bike and was at the hotel by 10.30pm.
Day 4 ends here.


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