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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day 6

5th June 2006
It was a Monday. The beginning of the week and the day Jaanu was going to go back to Rajkot. My day started at 5.30am. I don’t know why but I got up early; maybe because I knew that Jaanu was leaving today and I was kinda getting restless. I wanted to cry… cry a lot….I just wanted to be alone all by myself thinking about a lot of things that have happened in my life and I wanted to think if the decision I have made this time is correct or not. I just sat alone in the balcony and just kept on thinking about it from 5.45am to 6.45am. I then went out to get the newspaper and tried to read the content but was not able to concentrate on the same. I just felt so weak. They always say that the women’s greatest strength is her greatest weakness. Finally I got ready by 8.30am and I was out to office.
As we had taken Raghu’s bike for a few days for Jaanu so Jaanu had to come down to office to drop off the bike. Since Nishil slept last night with Jaanu at the hotel so he had to drop him back to his place. Jaanu dropped Nishil off at MG Road and came down to my office. He was there at office by 9.50am. We got the fuel filled in the bike and gave it to Raghu. Later we went down to the hotel to collect the baggage and then drop Jaanu off to the airport. We still had some time. By the time we reached the hotel it was 10.45am. We had another one hour. We sat for a while, spoke, hugged him and cried… I know that Jaanu was sad too, I could see it in his eyes. I just felt terrible at that moment. I didn’t want him to go. I wanted him to be there with me always. I just hugged him and cried…. Finally we left the hotel to go the airport. We reached airport by 12.30pm. I was praying hard for the flight to get delayed but when we went to the counter; the flight was on time. Jaanu hugged me again and bid me farewell and told me to go away and not wait there. But I waited there I was there for almost and hour. all alone hoping that he would come back to me and hug me tight. But he didn’t. The flight took off and then I went back to my office. Sat in front of my PC wondering what I should do and where should I start the work from. I was already missing him a lot and I had the best days of my life in these 5 days. He reached Mumbai and gave me a call and from Mumbai he had to go to Rajkot back home. The flight for Rajkot was at 7.00pm. He was just going around the place and then got into the next flight and was back home by 8.15pm.
Jaanu was telling me that Tushar and Mitesh ( Jaanu’s childhood friends) came to the airport to receive him and gave Jaanu garlands for the great achievement of coming to Bangalore and hiding it form his parents about the trip…..
Thanks Jaanu for these 5 beautiful days of my life. I would cherish every single moment spent with you.
This one is for you Jaanu :

Since you left, the things I love just haven’t been the same
All that I have left of you, is a picture in a frame
Things just don’t feel the same without you
The world is just not as fun without you
Things just don’t taste the same without you
And what I am saying to you is from my heart and is true
I miss your eyes, I miss your hugs, I miss your sweet embrace
I miss your smile, I miss your kiss and that look on your face
I will always be the one here for u to hold
When you are lost and stuck out alone in the cold
You were the one who always put a smile to my face
You were the one that always made my heart race
You were type of guy that made everyone envious
Now without you, in my heart there is an empty space


Blogger Harinath Mallepally said...

Hmm u r expressive kiran.

nice post. ur jaanu is lucky.

June 19, 2006 6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anurag said...

even my story is similar to yours. I know exactly how it feels to meet your loved one.. and then say bye in a few days... the countdown when only a few hours are left and all that. felt like I was reading my gf's blog. :)

June 28, 2006 10:42 PM  

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