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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day 2

1st June 2006 :
I had asked my boss for leave from 1st june to 5th June. But boss had approved leave only from 2nd june. After giving tons of excuses and making sad faces he finally agreed to give me leave on 1st June too.. Jaanu was aware about my leave only from 2nd June to 5th June and he was a bit upset about it too but didnt express it. He didnt know that my leave on 1st June was approved later. I thought i would again give him a surprise by picking him up at the hotel. I left home at about 8.45am and took off on the Airport Road for Whitefeild. To reach to hotel its just one sinple straight long road with lots and lots and lots of traffic. I was stuck in the traffic jam for almost an hour. Jaanu was going on calling up on my cell phones and called up on my collegues cellphones too to find out where i was but i didnt recieve his calls. I was finally so pissed off with the sun on my head that i had no choice but to call up Jaanu and tell him that " sweetheart i am stuck in the traffic jam . I thought i would give u a suprise but sorry cant keep things to myself. I thought of giving u a surprise by knocking at ur door but guess thats not going to work."
Remember according to my previous post
Day 1 i was supposed to give him a suprise by picking him up at the airport.. that one also didnt work :(
Anyways i finally called him up spoke to him while driving..reached the hotel.. still talking...got into the lift... still talking with Jaanu over the phone and then knocked his door. He thought it was the house keeping guys and told them to go away.. but then i again knocked the door and stil talking with him over the phone haaan.. and finally he opens the door and sees me.. yippeeeeeeee i get to see Jaanu again after a month.. i hugged him... We both were waiting to see eachother.. so much... then we got off the room and were speaking in the lounge room. Both of were not hungry so didnt have breakfast .. just had some tea.. Then we decided to go out and take one of my fiends bike for him to use. We went to
Forum Shopping Mall. I was very hungry so wanted to have some grub.
He has sweetcorn soup and me hot and sour soup and we shared the chopsuey dragon.. yummmy..
Then we picked the bike from raghu and decided to watch a movie the next day so picked up the tickets in forum for
Fanaa. Then we just went around the place andwent to Ameoba, we thought we would do some bowling but then we were in no mood after reaching that place.. we just wanted to talk talk and talk.. we spoke for a long time and then he dropped me of till my bike and went back home at 8.00pm
He was just around ameoba for a while picked up a few things for himself to munch in the room and then went back to the hotel by 9.00pm.

Nishil and Mihir had been to his hotel to meet him late night at 11.00pm . They had dinner togeather and once they left Jaanu called me up on my cellphone. We spoke for a while and wished eachother good night.

It was nice day. We really spoke a lot and all these days the wait for him was just worth it after being in his arms.
Tell me confess this to you Jaanu in front of the Entire World Wide Web...I love u very much Jaanu.
I know i have told u this many times but i really mean it.


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