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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My New Phone: RAZR V3 BLK

Ahh my previous post My New Phone : Samsung D820 , i had written in that post that the phone was extremely good and so on... but after using it for a month i felt it was a disaster and also learnt a lesson .. NEVER GO ON LOOKS.... lol

Well the phone was ofcourse sleek and nice and amazing to look at.. the additional features in it were also great but to tell the truth it lacked the basics..When i speak about basics i am talking about the functions of the Phonebook or the Messages and so on... I kinda didnt like it really. After Sales Support was also Pathetic...

So decided to get rid of that phone and picked up RAZR V3 BLK Motorola. My previous motorola phone E398 was very good and i was extremely satisfied with it. SO decided to go on with Moto series itself.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Boss !!!

29th August....... Today is my boss's birthday. He is now 29 Years OLD. And u know what... he gave a us a wonderful news last evening. He is getting married tooo... i mean ofcourse not today... but he would be getting engaged on Sunday and then married on December 6th. Nice. I remember we had put bets once about who would get married first and well he won the bet.. I am happy for him. Its nice to hear him talk about his fiance with his friends over the phone.. but he has told us not to tell anyone in the office about it.. I wonder why he doesnt want us to tell anyone about it... anyways now most of the ppl know coz its on my blog :P

Hmmm so we gave a him a bunch of lovely flowers and then a card.. and then a wallet... his wallet was all in tatters.. so i decided to gift him a wallet and u know what i just relaised that i have given the same kinda wallet ot all the guys in my team. Its like an IT wallet now :)

Anyways Happy Birthday Som and All the Best For your Lovely Life Ahead with Shweta !!!

Monday Blues !!

Ahhh !!! Monday is one day of the week that i hate the most. Its so boring to get up, get ready and go to work after such a nice peaceful weekend. I dont know why but everyday morning when i have to go to work i am always in a grumpy mood when sitting in the morning for breakfast. I remember Jaanu too telling me that his dad too is always in a grumpy mood in the morning when he has to go to the clinic. I don't know why my mood changes like this in the morning everyday. I always wish to say a sweet bye to my mom in the morning but i just pick on the words that she speaks and then have a argument with her and leave the house.. I guess something is seriously wrong with me..

Another thing that i noticed about my behaviour is that i just don't like receiving calls from my home when at work. Of-course when mom calls me up i do call her back if i am not able to pick up the call. But then if she just calls me fora chit chat i just DONT LIKE IT. I means when i am at home she doesn't talk to me much, then why disturb me when i am at work for such chit chats. Lets take today's example, its been a long time since Jaanu has gone to the rig and hasn't spoken to mom casually, she just wanted to talk to him, Mom calls me up in the middle of a meeting and then i cut the call. I call her back immediately coming out of the meeting and then i call back mom and she she asks can you tell Jaanu to call me.. i just want to talk to him.

Comeon mom!!!I mean i come out of the meeting to listen to this that u want to talk to Jaanu. I slog my ass in this organisation for almost 10 hours a day and you call me up to tell me that u want to talk to my boyfriend. In such senarios i really cannot control my temper and i spoke rudely with mom. I know i owe her an apology but then i always try to explain these things to her and she jsut doesnt seem to understand and repeats the same mistake.

Sorry mom !!

But people tell me something what needs to be done in such cases. Any suggestions ?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Festive Mood in the Air !!!

Today was a very calm and a nice day. Being a Sunday i got up at the usual time 10.00am and then started watching television. Though i asked my mom if she needs any help with the cooking but she said.... " naaa u go and enjoy"... wow i wish my mom too was in this good mood always :P ... hehehe just kidding... well she really never allows me to do the home chores. She says u will have to do it either ways once u get married and stay with your husband, so just chill out now. Anyways then later got ready by 11.30 for pooja as today is Ganesh Chaturthi. So we all at home were set for the pooja. Dad kept on chanting a few prayers which ofcourse i never understood.Then mom was setting all the flowers and decorating them on then gods..Finally came my turn to start the pooja. Every yr during Ganesh Chaturthi we bring home a new Ganesha idol and decorate it with flowers and everything that he likes. His fav sweets and food too. I then placed the Lord Ganesha on a small bed of rice and and then i lit up the diyas and incense sticks. Then prayed to God to keep my family, my loved ones and friends happy always and give them the best in life.

After 2 days we immerse the idol of Lord Ganesha in a river or lake and wish that he comes back again soon next year with lots of love and luck for us. Attached is a snap i had taken when dad was praying.

Finally it was time to attack on the food. Lol.. Well before i could do that Jaanu called up to talk to me from work. He so sweetly everyday dedicatedly calls me at around 12 in the afternoon and then once in the night before sleeping. I just love him for being so sweet to me always. Then we spoke for a while and then attacked on the food... the food was just sooooooooooo yummy, the authentic south indian festival food.

Then i watched television for a while and then watched friends season 2. Oh !! did i tell u guys that this time when i met Jaanu he gave me a entire collection of Friends DVD's.... Well i have been watching friends since last week....

So this was my day.. didnt go out anywhere though today, just wanted to relax at home and be with mom and dad. Just got a few days to spend with them so want to be with them as much as possible.

Tommorow have to get back to work after this lovely holiday...... hmmmmmmmmm dont feel like working anymore. just want to get married and take care of my sweet hubby :) .. { ok Jaanu i was jsut kidding...not so soon haan.. kinda getting tensed now adays when i think about wedding }

Friday, August 25, 2006

Joke of the Day !!!

Back to the blogworld!!

HI Guys……
finally back again to the blog world….. have a lots of things to tell u all about… things i have been doing all this while.. and so on…. right now in office…. so will give more details about this longggggg break in the evening….. c ya..

Friday, August 04, 2006

Closing the blog for a while

Hi All,
i am sure you all must be wondering as to why i stoppped bloggin all of a sudden.
Well have been very busy with work and personal life too.
So taking a break for a while. But i promise i will be back ..
take care all and all the best.