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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 3

2nd June 2006:
The day3 was a nice one. We were out all day long. I left home at the usual time of 9.00am to head towards office. Ofcourse i was on leave on 2nd June but Jaanu was going to come to pick me up. As mentioned in the Day 2 we had picked up tickets for the movie Fanaa and the show was at 11.25am. I reached office at about 9.30am and jsut met my team gus and gave them the tasks for the day and by 10.30am Kitan was at my office. Since he didnt have his breakfast so we went over to this juice shop near my office and had mango milk shake { yummy } and Jaanu had a sandwich. We then rushed for the movie. 3 hours Fanaa. It was a nice movie. Something different from the usual hindi movie flicks.. The best thing in the movie were its songs. I loved them all. For me in a sing its most of the times lyrics wat matters more..i loved the shayari in the songs... "Chaand Sifarish" :The first song of the soundtrack and the best. and i loved "Dekho Na " : The song starts with the sound of rain pouring. Extremely romantic song sung by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan. Sunidhi is truly AMAZING in this song! .Listening to this song makes one imagine snow-capped mountains, green grass and flying sarees. It’s that romantic. Prasoon Joshi personifies the wind and the weather through his lyrics and that’s what makes this song such a delight to listen to. The movie was over by 3.00pm. We were not very hungry so just had a Choclate milk shake with nuts at the Transit ( the food court at the Forum). Then we decided to go for bowling at Ameoba. Went for bowling and picked up the tickets. We were also waiting for Nishil to come down. Nishil and myself wanted to meet eachother. And like a usual bollywood star he said " bhabhiji i wil be there in 30 mins " . We called him again and then he said "i am down i will just come 5 mins" . We ordered for some green color drink...10 mins were over and he still didnt come to meet us.. Jaanu went down in search of him and couldnt find him anywhere. Jaanu came back up and said "yeh nahi milne wala sala, come lets go for the game ".
We went in for the game and after some 5 mins FINALLY Mr. Nishil came along with Mihir and they were seeing us bowl. Nishil was cute.. and Mihir sooooooooo tall and just looked like Sukhbir Singh and a chain smoker. Eeeekkkkssss.... U know during the bowling i was winning the game and it was my turn and i took the ball in my hand and i dont know how.. it just slipped off my fingers and instead of going in front it went off behind near the sitting area... Both of us just coulndt stop laughing... coz of the ball sliping off from my hands i kinda hurted my fingers... so couldnt play the rest 3 shots well.. Anyway finally the WINNER WAS OFCOURSE MEEEEEEE.........
After the game we went to
Cafe Coffee Day sat there for a while....had coffees and then left the place... One thing i kinda didnt like it was Mihir was constantly talking with Nishil and Jaanu in Gujarati, even after realising that there was a non gujju spekaing person sitting along with them ME. Anyways i didnt mind that coz i was trying to understand the language and can ay i couldunderstand 40% of what Mihir was speaking :) There was this incident that i must appreciate Nishil for. While were sitting and having coffee at CCD; there were these 2 foreigner ladies sitting and smoking in th smokers zone. It was a bit sunny at that point of time and the sun wa about to set which was facing towards one of the lady. Nishil had told us that " just wait and watch now she will remove her sun glasses and put them on". We kept on waiting for the right time and within a minture she removed her sun glasses and put them on. We all burst out laughing. I never knew Nishil knew sooooooo much GIRLS :P . Nishil and Mihir left later and then Kiran and myself went to Garunda Mall and thought of picking up movie tickets for the next day movie.. we wanted to watch "Da Vinci Code" but couldn't get the tickets for the same. So we decided to watch "Poseidon".
Then Jaanu droppped me back at office on the bike and i got back home 7.45pm.
Jaanu went back to the hotel and was chilling out.
We spoke for a while over the phone in the night and then went off to sleep.
I sometimes really feel bad that i couldn't be with him the entire evenings and just left him everyday at 7.45pm :(
Sorry Jaanu. I promise i will make it up for all those evenings that we missed...

Sorry guys had to edit the post again to add this last paragraph.
After Jaanu read this post he reminded me on 2 incidents that i forgot to add in Day 3.
* We had been to a bookstore to purchase a few Archies Digest. Jaanu is a big fan of Archies and has a whole lot of them collected since childhood. The bookstore guys where chargin us Rs25/- for each book but Jaanu refused to take them as he wanted to purchase it for Rs20/- each. He had picked up a total of 10 books. The bookstore ppl didnt negotiate for the cost so he dropped the idea of picking the idea of purchasing them. So i thought since he is a fan of Archies i would buy it for him. But Jaanu gave me such a horrifying stare that i said ... hmmm ok fine chalo aage.. :P
* When Nishil, Mihir, Jaanu and myself were walking up the road to Cafe Coffee Day, we met a small girl selling red roses and she was pestering Jaanu to take them for me... Mihir and Nishil and myself were just laughin a lot. So Jaanu took 2 roses from the girl and later i absolutely forgot about them . 2 Days back i asked Jaanu as to why he didnt give me those roses. He says " Those roses were not so nice to give it to such a nice person like you"...
thanks jaanu .


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