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Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Perfect Husband --------

Have you ever wondered what a perfect husband would be like? I am sure the girls who are reading this blog post right now must be having a pretty fair idea about their PERFECT HUSBANDS..... but what about the guys.. Do you guys realise what it is to be perfect husbands?
No offense but frankly speaking i have more guy friends than the girls..Actualy i DONT have any girl friends.. Just office collegues but even with them i dont talk much. They all are too elder to me or we are so busy with work that we just get time only to say a
"Hi" and a "Bye" .
We usually have our lunch hour at work from 1.00pm to 1.45pm. Me and my team guys have lunch very late; say somewhere around 3.30pm or 4.00pm. So today i thought i would catch up with some of my friends in the recruitments dept and have a chat with the girls.
Soooo the topic of the day was
"My Dream Husband".Everyone had their own opinions, everyone told what they want in their husbands and how he should be lookswise and should be brainy and money minded and so on... the usual thing of " he should be smart, intelligent, lots of money honey, and should love me very much"
Will all this be enough to survive in this world ? Isnt there anything called UNDERSTANDING ??
It was my turn to tell the girls what kinda husband am i looking for. I ended up givin them a big lecture :P My statements were for and against men...
Now lets take a scenario of new married couples .... The kinda guy whom i already have found is the perfect match for me. I dont want a husband who works in a proper 9.00am to 6.00pm job. I never wanted things that way coz what i feel is when your partner is working in a 9.00am to 6.00pm job which usually tends to extend;
by the time he comes back he is so exhausted with work and tired that he cant think about anything except have a shower, watch television , have dinner, watch television, give a good night kiss to his wife and off to sleep. Correct me guys if i am wrong. This is what a usual guy having a 9 to 6 job does. Where is the scope of making a small chit chat with ur wife. Usually men tend to get cranky when u ask them " honey how was ur day " ... and the reply u get " can u please leave me alone for a while" ......... most of my married friends tell me this ok.. so i am preety sure that i am not wrong on this...
What happens over the weekends ? Guys always like to hangout with their guy friends. And usually the wives who are damn possesive about their husbands dont allow them to hangout with them. Why should the wives stop their husbands from going out with his guy friends ? Dont you all girls think that the man his right to have his own space in life ? When you both have decided to spend your entire life with eachother with respect then why not give him the respect and let him to what he wants to. I am sure that if the guy is sensible enough he would know what is right for him and what is wrong for him. A girl always wants to know where her husband is going, what time he would be back and with whom is he goin out... Are all these questions reallyy required.. I dont think so... I have found a guy for mysel whom i trust the most. I an say trust more than myself. He is the sweetest thing possible.
I'll tell u one incident.I happened to have sms'ed Jaanu one day evening asking him
" Hi How r u.. how was ur day" . He replies back. " Hi jaan , my day was good. got up at 9, got ready went out for some work, came back home sat online for a while, had lunch, went to sleep at 3 and got up at 5, now out with mom was some shopping " .......... Wow he gave me the entire report for the day. Thats was something that i didnt expect from him. Another day i sent across the same message and he replies me back with all the things in he did that day. I was actually kinda missing him and ws too tied up with work so couldnt speak to him during the day and usually in the evenings he is busy with his friends. So i thought i would sms him rather than speaking with him over the phone. Yesterday Jaanu was out with his friends for a cricket match and 2 of his married friends had come over with their wives. Later in the evening Jaanu... Tushar, Mitesh and Dheyi ( Jaanus childhood friends) were out for a long drive on the highway and stopped at a place for some tea. They were discussing about how their future should be even after marriage. Finally Tushar said " i hope we will always be this way out in the nights even after marriage". Jaanu was very confident and said that " I dont think i woudl have this problem, coz Kiran herself likes going out a lot".---- Thanks Jaanu for having faith in me..
*What i want in my husband is faith and trust me in . I think this is the most important thing in any relationship. If u dont have faith and trust in eachother there is nothing called relationship left between the partners.
*I want my husband to love me for whom i am.
*I want my husband to be fun loving.
*I want my husband to be outgoing
* I want my husband to realise a simple fact that everything on this earth cannot happen always the way he wants it to be.
*I want my husband to give me the freedom to do what i want to do.
*I want my husband to me when i need him.
*I want my husband to help me sometimes with the daily chores.
*I want my husband to wipe my tears when i am crying.
*I want my husband to give me hope when i am loosing out on something.
*I want my husband to be a good husband and a great father and an excellent son to his parents.
What i will give to my husband is all the love he requires.
*I want to give my husband his own space in life.
*I am not going to ask my husband 101 questions for simple things
*I am not going to stop my husband from going out and meeting his friends
*I am not going to order him to do the house chores
*I am not going to stop him from buying things that he wants to buy ; but just give a slight adaice to him and ask him only one question " is it worth this amount ?" { Jaanu this point is specifically for you} -- Let me tell u this incident.Jaanu had picked up a Samsonite Backup 3 months ago. When i saw the backpack the first time i met him. I jsut didnt find it worth the price he paid for it. When he came down to bangalore i got the opportunity to carry the backpack and trust me guys i loved it.... it was so light even though there were quiet a lot of things stuffed into it... Price : Rs 2000/- ........Good buy Jaanu... {applause}
*I want my husband to give me kiss everyday in the morning when he gets up { I think that would be enough for me to be happy all day }
* I want to be there for my hsuband when is not feeling that great and wants to share his thuoghts and view with someone. -- I know i am good speaker but yes i am a good listener tooo..
*I want to be a good wife, a great mother, a great daughter and a wonderful Daughter-In -Law


Blogger Harinath Mallepally said...

nice stuff. so gals bundled all their dreams together and form a dream husband?

for me my gal is the one "who accepts me the way i am, and join me in making family better".

June 15, 2006 7:11 AM  

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