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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weakness !!

I am weak sometimes.
I know I am worrying too much.
I don’t want to see anyone suffering.
Particularly, someone I love.
I am trying to be happy in front of you because I know you need it.
I am weak sometimes you know but I am trying to be strong.
I have too many responsibilities.
I know I am carrying this world on my shoulders.I wish I were an Oasis that everyone who was lost in the desert could rest and find peace.
I am weak sometimes you know but I am trying to hold my tears.
I am scared of the unknown future sometimes.
But I am telling myself that life loves me.Every time I hit the bottom, I will bounce back.
I will become stronger and stand up taller.
I am weak sometimes you know but I am still smiling at you.
I loathe when I have to say goodbye.
But we all have our own responsibilities.We have to pursue our dreams.
Still, I know I will always miss you.
I am weak sometimes you know but I will remember you.
You have put your footprints deep in my heart.
Your love and dedication are inscribed into my soul.
Wherever the destiny will take us, I will be thinking of you.
I will always cherish the good things you have brought into my life.
I am weak sometimes you know but I am still praying for you.
I am praying for your safe journey and wonderful life.
I am wishing the best thing for you, even though I will not be there to admire it with you.
I will be watching you from my heart and deep imagination.
I will ask the wind to protect you from any harm.
I am weak sometimes you know but I will never give up.I will let this fate unfold.I will wait until the mist disappears.
I believe I will know the reasons.
Of this sadness and I will grow.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another Year Goes By .............

Another year goes by..Time flies. It is another year and another of my birthday. Fortunately, at least years after years, I have seen some changes in me. That means I am not getting old and getting worse or stupider.
The past year was pretty rough. It was rough with a lot of challenges. I don’t call them problems because the word problem make my mind clouded but challenge is something I have to get through with determination and it will bring joys when I overcome it.
Storms after storms come and go. Storms leave wreckages behind. They might pass across our life and take all what we own, but they cannot take our spirit. What we have lost, we can build it up again. We can make it stronger and better.
2005 was all about confusions under all the unexpected situations that emerged simultaneously. Some situations I could control but some were beyond my power. Vulnerable as it was, I allowed myself plunge into troubles without thinking and self-control. The worst thing was I was over-reacted to some situations.
However, 2005 was the year that I did realize a lot of things about myself because I became closer to my spirituality. It was the year that I started to do something I always wanted to do that was to volunteer with one of the Spastic Societies in Bangalore, it was the first year that I really lived in Bangalore City after my one year long relationship came to a halt.There are always people come and go in my life. From a very small group of people I knew in 2004, it turned out in 2005 I had made a lot of great friends but I had left some of my old friends as well. Sometimes, some people just come into our life unexpectedly and it turns out to be very beautiful. Sometimes some people walk out of our life and we just have to let them go.
My number is moving up another year. I have volunteered for the Meals on Wheels for the past 6 months. I have met a lot of elderly and lately I feel like I am going to reach that point one day. Of course, I will be a happy old lady. However, it just makes me pause and questions about myself. How many years will I have to enjoy my youth? How many days will I have to see this world?
Therefore, with all miseries I have had from last year either from my own creation or other’s, this year I make up my mind to enjoy my life to the fullest. The time is running out fast. There are no reasons to be unhappy and worried too much.
Growing is the process of life. I will not let any years go by and any challenges pass by without cultivating the virtue of them.
There are always some beauties in any wreckage. There are beautiful flowers hiding in the dirty mud. There are millions of stars glowing in the darkest sky. There are opportunities in crises.
It depends on how we look at it.
My first 24 has come. Now I am feeling even more youthful and energetic. I heard someone said life starts at 24.
But age is an illusion anyway; the way we perceive our life is ageless.
Happy Birthday To You Kiran !!!

Reliance Web World Runs Out !!

Can you imagine going to a MacDonald’s and being told they had run out of burgers? Reliance, however, has run out of data cables! And not one outlet, but everyone of them in the whole of Bangalore. Armed with all my documents I went over to the gallery on the weekend, having decided to go ahead with Reliance. My choices fast running out. Anyway, the guy very disinterestedly tells me they had run out of data cables. They were expected in a few days. No attempt to take my number so they could inform me (I guess th at would be way too much to expect).
You mean, all the Reliances have run out of data cables, I asked a little sarcastically? It missed him completely. Yes, he replied and turned away to do something else. I called yesterday to get an update and was told by them that it is now ‘indefinitely’ out of stock! I think this is a higher force telling me, ‘Don’t take Reliance!’