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Friday, June 09, 2006

Shirty Mess !!!

Yesterday I had my first fight with Jaanu. When Jaanu was here in Bangalore, we had been to Westside to pick some shirts for him. He tried on one shirt which really suited him a lot and I too loved it. But Jaanu was fussy and didn't want to buy that shirt. So I decided that I would pick it up for him, even then he said no and he went and picked up a shirt for me and said that " if u are buying that shirt for me then I am gonna buy this shirt for u. "
I didn't want to pick up anything for myself so I dropped the idea of buying the shirt for him and went ahead..
After he left bangalore I went and picked up the same shirt and couriered it to him at his home. He messages me at 3.00pm and says that " got your shirt but had to pay for the octrio. dont know y "
Me with joy called him up to know if he was happy and he in turn scolds me saying that "this was not required. If I want I can buy a shirt for myself here you don't have to send it al the way from Bangalore. In bangalore it was a necessity but here it is not."
I got really pissed off and told him that " I have sent you this shirt as a gift, its not for the reason that you cant buy one for urself out there" and said bye to him .. hung up the phone... and switched off the cell phone. I later switch on the phone and get a sms from him saying that :
" There is not point you hangin up on me like that.Even if u call me after an hr or 10 hrs or 10 weeks or 10yrs u have to realise that you have done a mistake"
Now i dont understand this, is giving a gift to somenoe whom u love sooo much... is a MISTAKE :O
I replied back saying " i would not talk to u for the next 10yrs" and he said " Fine with me "
Later in the evening at 9.30pm and said :
" hello "
" What is it "
" U still angry with me "
" y should i be angry . u said u wont talk to me for some 10yrs right , so just waiting for those 10yrs to get over "
" Ok the 10yrs have got over jaanu, u know that we cant stay without talking to eachother for a single day "
" Yeah i know that, thats the whole problem here."
" u out with ur friends?"
" yes, i am out for a walk so will talk to u later in the night"
" cool, talk to u later then, byeee"
"bye , love u "

Then he calls me in the night at 12.30pm and again says that it is my mistake. Then i tell him that "if i picked up a shirt for you , it was out of love and a gift for you and the reason y i didnt take the shirt from u when u were here in bangalore is coz mom would ask me 10 million questions about it coz according to mom i was at office and not shopping jaanu!!! "( i didnt tell mom that i as on leave for 5 days esle she woulndt hae allowed me to meet Jaanu)
Then FINALLY Jaanu says " ok sorry :)"
i too after little "nakhras "told him sorry too.
It was a nice experience of my first stupid argument with Jaanu. We always used to wonder till now as to why we have never had an argument or a fight about anything. Finally we had our day :)
I hope we dont have this everyday though..
But frankly speaking people tell me
" is it wrong to buy a gift for the person whom you love ??"


Blogger The Thinker said...

Dear Jaan,
You got most of the story right. however i cudnt help mentioning tht the sms tht i sent after you hung up so rudely on me was a bit different than wht u have mentioned here....it goes exactly like this
"Even if u call after an hour,10 hours,after 10 days, 10 weeks or 10 months, whts wrong will stil be wrong.so don think you can jes hangup and i will forget about it."
if u read there.. i never mentioned 10 years....cos in 10 years..i would have gone mad without talking to you. :)

any good practical minded guy woud know wht it costs to courier a shirt all the way from bangalore to rajkot when that same shirt is available here also. i can understand the thought behind the gift but it would have been ok if i was in bangalore...i din hv enuf clothes with me then to last me the 5 days...but since im back home....was there any need at all to send it...?????

anyway...for your information, im wearing that shirt today :D
it looks great :)..thanx jaan :-*
i know you told me to throw it away, burn it, trash it or use it as a mop...but i jes cudnt throw away something which was given with so much love (albeit very impractical gift) to me by someone i love more than my life.

love you baby.
PS : u sound really hot when u r angry :)..turns me on to no end.

June 10, 2006 1:48 AM  
Blogger Kiran said...

Hi Jaanu,
Sorry i misread the sms. I know even i would go bonkers if i wouldnt have spoken with u for 10 yrs ... Even now if i dont speak to u everyday it kinda feels terrible.
And about the cost of the shirt being courired to u.. Jaanu i dont think there r any practical minded men on this earth.. :D
"i din hv enuf clothes with me then to last me the 5 days...but since im back home..."
I wonder wat ppl must be thinking with this statement of urs.. hehehehehe...
thanks for wearing the shirt and hey.. u looked damn CUTEEEEEE with that new hair cut and the shirt looks awesome on u..

June 11, 2006 9:59 AM  

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