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Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Boss !!!

29th August....... Today is my boss's birthday. He is now 29 Years OLD. And u know what... he gave a us a wonderful news last evening. He is getting married tooo... i mean ofcourse not today... but he would be getting engaged on Sunday and then married on December 6th. Nice. I remember we had put bets once about who would get married first and well he won the bet.. I am happy for him. Its nice to hear him talk about his fiance with his friends over the phone.. but he has told us not to tell anyone in the office about it.. I wonder why he doesnt want us to tell anyone about it... anyways now most of the ppl know coz its on my blog :P

Hmmm so we gave a him a bunch of lovely flowers and then a card.. and then a wallet... his wallet was all in tatters.. so i decided to gift him a wallet and u know what i just relaised that i have given the same kinda wallet ot all the guys in my team. Its like an IT wallet now :)

Anyways Happy Birthday Som and All the Best For your Lovely Life Ahead with Shweta !!!


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