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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My New Phone: RAZR V3 BLK

Ahh my previous post My New Phone : Samsung D820 , i had written in that post that the phone was extremely good and so on... but after using it for a month i felt it was a disaster and also learnt a lesson .. NEVER GO ON LOOKS.... lol

Well the phone was ofcourse sleek and nice and amazing to look at.. the additional features in it were also great but to tell the truth it lacked the basics..When i speak about basics i am talking about the functions of the Phonebook or the Messages and so on... I kinda didnt like it really. After Sales Support was also Pathetic...

So decided to get rid of that phone and picked up RAZR V3 BLK Motorola. My previous motorola phone E398 was very good and i was extremely satisfied with it. SO decided to go on with Moto series itself.


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