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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Its Raining!!

It rained today!!Yipeee!!! It's raining!!!! Ok, some of you might not believe this, but I completely, totally LOVE rain. I mean really I love how it falls, how it smells, how it sounds mixed together with thunder. I just seem to love everything about it. In the summer one of my favorite things to do is well, you are not going to believe this, but it to DANCE IN THE RAIN. Ok, even I have to admit that sounds a little weird, but it's just this great feeling I get inside when it rains, or when I'm driving in the rain. Maybe it's becasue I'm an Arian I'm more attracted to rain than other people. Well, anyways when I am driving in the rain, I feel like I"m a mermaid, I learned to swim when I was 6 years old. I almost drowned though, I just threw myself in the pool, and my father taught me how to swim. When I was little even sometimes now, my mother call me "Her Little Mermaid" and somehow I just love it when she calls me that. One time, I dreamnt about being a mermaid. You know how sometime people believe they are connected to a magical creature in some way, well I think I am connected to a mermaid, I might not be as graceful in the water as one, but I LOVE the water. Before I was even born, my mom went to an island just of the coast of India, and swam there, I guess I was about a 6 month old in my mom's belly, but I think that was the first time I was connected with water. When you die, supposedly you become what you have wanted to be all your life, I know in some hidden space in my heart, that when I die I will become a mermaid. Mermaids in a way are one of the most believeable creatures in the world because they have actually found the body of a mermaid. WEll, it's still raining, today I didn't dance in the rain, because I am busy andmissing my love too much. Well, I guess I should again go find something useful to do.


Blogger adarsh said...

oh! missing your merman? ;)

May 02, 2006 8:55 PM  

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