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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Heart Thoughts

This is a poem that i wrote for my Jaanu !!! Love u lots !!

Sitting here remembering when
I saw the beauty rush out like a might wind
I never saw it before or bothered to notice
But now I see it and on it I am focused.
The gentleness of your voice
The way you make me feel
when I see your lovely smile.
The way you laugh and care for others
Even go beyond the extra mile.
I am focused on that
whether you believe me or not
My heart aches for you
And my stomach is in knots.
Now I had to declare,
The thoughts of my heart.
In hopes that you'd give me,
A place in your heart.

Hope u like it..


Blogger adarsh said...

nahi....nahi.. e nahi ho sakta ... ;)

May 07, 2006 9:11 PM  

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