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Friday, May 26, 2006

Day before my weekend

Today was a very productive day at work this week. Our firm had planned to open around 12 branches this yr and we are already up with 8 branches all over India. Its tough but the requirements that come up when you open a new office are just too much. You have to take care of everything from the minutest to something which people would just point at easily.
We have our Coimbatore and Hyderabad ( H2) branch opening up within the next week, with a total head count of 15 and 45 resp. Getting the interiors done is ofcourse comes under the admin managers dept but the backbone of the firm... the IT Infrastructure is what keeps us on our toes. Our firm is absolutely dependent on the internet. Getting the cabling done,ordering for new servers ..PC...Laptops... negotiating with the vendors how would provide us with the best possible deal. It definetly aint something that i expected i would be doing in this job.
Oh yes .. i am sorry .. forgot to tel you all ...I am working in a UK based recruitment firm with the corporate branch being in Bangalore. I am in the IT dept working a a IT Support and Operations Lead. I joined this job 7 months back. It has been a wonderful learning experience. Getting into vendor management, getting to learn a lot of things with your mistakes. One thing that i realised in this job is the immnse amount of knowledge and experience i have gained in learning new things. In my previous companies i felt that everything was spoon fed to us. We were never given an opportunity "To Think Out Of The Box" but here its always thinking out of the box.
Today i had a meeting with the finance dept in my office and the CFO regarding the late payments being made to the vendors. Things were really getting out of hand as the finance ema was clearing the bills very late. It was a very heated discussion but worth it :D
Later my teammates and a few other guys from the recruitment team went out for dinner at a new restaurant. " Lazeez" My god !!! it was a total disaster. I had ordered for a tandoori roti and a panner mattar masala. Roti was so thick and so salty and the panner sabzi was so sweet. It just tasted like some chinese sweet and sour dish. Had no choice but to gulp it down in front of the person who gave us the PATHETIC idea of going to this PATHETIC restaurant.
Later in the afternoon i was working on the report for the PC procurement in all locations in india. Sturggled with the numbers for some 2 hours and finally placed the order. Boss was happy with the cost cutting that i did when it came to PC procurement.
Over all it was a very busy day and a light day too after 6pm..
Tommorow our firm has organised a cricket match. just wondering how bad would my team guys perform. Well i have no choice but to be a good team leader so " All the best guys and play well and keep my name shining" hehehehe
Hey Jaanu if u reading this.. my leave hasnt been approved so you will have to come to my office and sit right next to me at work.. Boss said "No"..


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