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Thursday, May 25, 2006

6 days 5 nights more.................

It's been exactly one month since I last seen you...And one month since I last hugged you..I never knew that the last hug I gave you was going to be the last hug... or last kiss... I never even got to say goodbye to you it just happened so quickly you were gone.
I know that you love me but I wonder do you know I loved you? I never got a chance to tell you, I was scared...the last time I saw your face I just stared I wanted so badly to run up to you and give you one last hug and kiss but I was scared. I just hope you knew I loved you...from this day theres one thing I regret the most and it still makes me cry I never looked you in the eye and say goodbye... I cry for you everynight and I pray...that I'll see you again and till that day I'll pray and pray for that day.


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