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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Broken Hearts

GOd!!!really tired of myself and my bloody emotions. Feeling quiet upset again today. My emotions r either hitting a super high or all time low; With the all time low being re-defined every time. I really think I should go see a shrink, so that s/he can throw me in an asylum n lock me up.

Sometimes, I wonder if I can ever forget ...? I keep thinking back, the 1.5 yrs we spent together. And at the end, got dumped so awfully. And that with the comment: You are too nice a person for me...

Do you know anyone whose been dumped 'cuz he was too nice? Till now I never thot there could be a "too nice". If I am really that nice a person, why arent good things happening to me? Or has the almighty also convinientlt forgotten abt me?

Is it really possible to stop loving a person? Ever?

I was reading a blog and how some friend of Dawn's is depressed and is talking abt Suicide. Just reminds me of the time when I was going through a patch like that. I was totally sloshed after an office party where I missed him. That night was the one and only time I ever thot of suicide. A lot of ppl will term it as being a loser. To those folks: U should thank the god that u guys dont know how it is like. Trust me, I used to think like that myself. But after having gone through it, I can tell u its not something that one does by choice...


Blogger adarsh said...

suicide?.... crazy?

March 03, 2006 5:48 AM  

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