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Saturday, March 11, 2006

11th March 2006

I have been out of my mind for the past 2 days. Have been recieving some kinda blank calls and junk calls from 3 numbers.Thought of getting them blocked but my phone service provider doesnt have the option of blocking the numbers!! i yelled at the customer care fellow and hung up.
It is always irritating when getting calls from unknown persons. It spoils the mood. Thats why I switch off my mobile during Office hours and put it in silent mode at night. I dont know why the person at the other end made a call, when they are silent while I am repeating the word "hello". Writing about phone calls, I remember one incident. I was sleeping and it was around 12.30 midnight. I got a call, I said hello and no response from other side. I just shouted at him saying " bastard , are you so bloddy jobless, I will file a F.I.R against you". After some time, I felt a lot for using the word "bastard"(I have learnt this word from Bangalore people). If they are not having to courage to speak, then why those idiots are make phone calls?

Was out today with my team for bowling!! was fun. Planning to go next month to goa with my office collegues for 4 days. Hope it works out great!! have never been to goa, want to go once.


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