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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Strange !!!

If there is such a place. I’ve been having strange dreams lately-nothing scary, I rarely have nightmares-just odd dreams. I sort of like them. I have dreams I can’t even begin to explain to others. Oh well. The results of an over-active imagination I suppose. Anyhow folks, I’m off to the land of strange dreams.
-Feeling dull today, have fever and cold.
-No mood to work
-Will be on leave today, but then manager tells me to come to work.. i am not gonna come.
-Abu is pissed off with tripti's behaviour in regards to her colege function. He is just too possesive about her. I guess even i am the same when it comes to my Jaan.
-Spoke to Jaan today, he inivited abu, tripti and me for his brothers' wedding, i really dont know if i would be able to go or not.
-I wanna go home and sleep.. :(


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