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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mystery @ home or its in my mind

I wonder if anything crazy and unusual is going on in the sky? Like, what's it like to be an astronaut in a well-built space ship? Ah, it must be the coolest thing in the world to enter the atmosphere at high speeds in a well-designed machine...
Well dont worry i didnt see a UFO in the sky or a ghost at my home. Was just kinda feeling to all weird about myself,was thinking wat an emotional fool am i. Y do i get attached to ppl so easily even after knowing the fact that there is no one for u in this world right now except ur parents and once they r not there u r all alone in this world. Ur parents who have given birth to u , who have taught u how to walk, those first few entangled steps. Clean ur bruises when u fall. They wait for u to say those first words" ma" or "papa". Take to the school on ur first day and tell u "this is the first step for u to face the world" . Help u in doing ur home work, whack u for not getting good scores. PTA's , Annual school functions, College, Teachers, Professors, Grades, Professional courses-- at the end they want u to see well settled in life, so that they can leave this world in peace with the assurance that " Yes our child is independent now and knows the world and can take care of herself in this cruel world where emotions dont have any value"
Awesome, ain't it but true.
Throughout my life, being the only child have been pampered and protected a lot. Everytime anything goes wrong, i know mom and dad are there for me. Its not only me alone who goes through all this but a middle class average child go's through the same thing.
Being an army officers child i have always travelled throughout my life, went to so many schools, met so many ppl. In school i never had any good friends, coz i was a bit reserved and a shy girl in those days and by the time i used to make some good friends it used to be time to leave the city and go to a new place. Made some friends in mysore where i lived for 5 yrs but now everyone is busy in their own world, not in touch with many ppl now.
Joined JNC in Bangalore, sick college..trust me, the day i joined the place i wanted to leave it. Entire life i have studied in a co-ed school or college and now all of a sudden join a college which has got only girls.. man its a college life that i going through and the sadest paet was all the girls in my class were all aunty type... lol.. so serious or so damn homely... not my kind i guess, those who know me well will know wat my kind is .. lol..
Started working soon after graduating, the independence that u get once u start working is in total an absolutely different feeling. More friends, freaking out more, shopping, partying, jokes and so on... though i dont party much but love to go around with friends and lots of shopping.
Had worked with DELL and now with Accenture. 19th is my last day at work in Accenture.
Havent planned anything wat i would be doing next. Have MBA going on in mind and maybe a new job too. . i dont know. just want to be out of everything for a while and sit at home i guess..
But finally in the end, i have to be with my parents. Yesterday mom got a bit senti over the phone with me while i was speaking to her. My parents are out of town. I wondered wat would be their life once i get married and leave my home. I know they would miss me a lot and i would do the same.
This one's for u mom and dad..
You were always there
to help me
You were always there
to guide me
You were always there
to laugh with me
You were always there
to cry with me
But most important
you were always there
to love me
and I want to assure you that
I am always here
to love you


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