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Monday, August 15, 2005

Long time no bloggin ``

Had been out from bloggin since 10th august..Was Dj's brother's wedding on 11th and 12th, was on leave since 11th august.. enjoyed the wedding. Tripti, abu and myself went for the wedding. Dj and his family loved the gift that we gave the couple.
Wasnt well on 12th.. was at home... 13th and 14th was out shopping with friends family and came to know new things about changes that might happen in my life.. cant tell u guys anything now but soon will let u all know about it.
15th august was Independence day so Holiday...
One of our close family friends in hyd got shot by naxalites. he was an MLA . Mom and dad have left for hyderabad today morning for the funeral.. might get back in a day or two.
Wat else... the previous post that i put in today were the ones i wrote during these 5 days, just didnt have time to post them here.... nothing much from my end.. so far the day is going on fine. lets c wats new for the day down the lane.. take care guys..


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