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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hectic Tiring Sick Happy Weekend !!

Hey guys, how have u all been.
Beginning of a new month and hope things this month go on great.
*Had my MBA exam on sunday, scored wonderful marks-- 82% , something which was unexpected .. lol..
*Had a very bad cold and fever soon after the exam, guess out of sheer joy..lol..
*Next day mom wasnt keeping well.
* Was supposed to be at work on sunday and monday too, but dindt inform my manager about it and royally bunked office. Now i am shit scared to even go and talk to the manager.
*Two of my good collugues have left work. Clive has gone back to Goa { hometown} coz of some personal problems and Kiran has gone to Vizag for a long vacation after which he would come and resign.
*Got a bit carried away and senti on saturday coz i wont be able to meet these guys again in office. Clive ofcourse is on goa... and Kiran will be back after i leave this office, my last working day 15th Aug 2005.
* All i can say as the title for this post is .. was Hectic Tiring Sick Happy Weekend !!
-Hectic coz of the exams and mom not keeping well
-Tiring coz of the exam and me not being well and later mom too..
-Sick coz of the exams and me not keeping well
-Happy coz of the great scores in the exam

*one of my friends complained that my blog has a few high fundoo words which are above his reach so i promised him that this post onwards will be using simple words.. lol...


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