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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Madhumalai (Theppakadu)

I am sure you guys must have guessed it by now as to what i am gonna talk about by the heading of this post.
Had been to Madhumalai for a weekend.. a beautiful place and probably can say that will never ever forget at this trip in my life ever.
This place was situated in one of Asia's thickest forest of 450 sq.kms at Madhumalai (Theppakadu) and at the foot hills of the highest peaks of Nilgiris in South India.
Spread over a 32 acres of vast expanse of green woods, cool breeze, mist caped hills, hypnotizing scenic beauty { trust me it really was hypnotising} and hidden under the covers of the "Blue Hills -The Nilgiris".

We were four of us who went for the trip. Abu, Tripti, D and myself.
I can say that all four of were so very exhausted with our work that we definitely needed this break and it was definitely good when it comes to me. I enjoyed the trip, the mountains, the clouds, the fog, the mist, the fresh lovely wonderful breeze and the mountains were just breathtaking.
I was so very much looking forward for this trip, that tripti and myself started discussin about the things that we gonna do there and what pranks to play and so on.
This is how our schedule went:
4.30am -- Reached tripti's home from work.
5.45am --left bangalore in D's car.
7.15am --Halt at Maddur for coffee/ breakfast
11.30am --
reached blue valley jungle resorts.

12.00pm -- got into the cottages, they were really nice compared to what i had expected though for the amount that we payed and stuff. I was dead sleepy 'coz i had worked last night and was extremely exhausted.
Tried to sleep but we had order for food at 1.30pm so there was no point sleeping. so we just rested for a while and then got up and went for our lunch.
1.00pm -- Called up mom to inform her that we have reached safely.
1.30pm -- Lunch at the restaurant. we had ordered for Veg thali, and i was so exhausted that i didnt have the energy to eat anything also and the sambhar that they had served was tooooooo spicy to handle.

2.00pm --Back to room and sleeping.
3.45pm -- Called up home, as dad was leaving for hyd so had to speak to him before leaving.
3.50pm -- Back to sleep.
4.30pm --Got up and got ready
5.00pm --out of the cottage with the beautiful weather and lovely breeze, took a walk for a while. Tripti was taking time to get ready so had tea till then.
5.30pm -- We heard about this temple on the hill top, so we were headed towards the temple on top of the hill. Well i was dead 3/4th way. So D and myself sat down there and were talking.. Tripti and Abu went ahead and came back after a while. The view from that place was just amazing, i really cant tell u how good it was there. i could see the mountains so far far farrrrrrr away, where u could see the mountains meeting the sky. It was the best thing i had seen after so many yrs. The last i remember was when i was in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India...when i was in the 4th grade at that time and had been there during winter vacations, hoping to see some snow around but guess what it was hot and sunny in the month of december in shimla :( and i couldnt see the snow.
anyways then
7.30pm-- We got back from the hill and were playing carrom board for a while then ordered for food. I was really hungry coz i didnt have lunch properly in the afternoon and since it was a saturday so i had to have vegetarian { i dont eat nonveg on saturday's and monday's }.
8.15pm -- We went back to our cottages and then were playing UNO { well a new game discovered by Abu, its a card game but a bit different , interesting though}
9.15pm -- Went for dinner.enjoyed the dinner and got back.. extremely sleepy.. but couldnt sleep :)
10.15pm-- Off to bed by this time. Since we had to leave early in the morning by 6 back to Bangalore... We cleared all our bills the same night and off to bed..


4.30am -- Woke up the Prince { Abu} and the Princess { Tripti} ..and went off to sleep again...
5.00am-- Got up again.. got ready and went out of the cottage to see the mountains.. i was there out till 6am.. one hr gazing on those beautiful mountains with the lovely clouds that were moving so fast as if they need to go to some other city .. lol....
6.20am-- Finally handed over the cottage keys to in the reception :(
Time to leave ...and say bye to this beautiful place.. Y Y Y should i leave this place.. i cant i want to be in this place always and my entire life.. cut of frm the entire world .. only me and this place.. naaa but i guess lifes not all about that..
On the way it was drizzling and we saw a lot of deer... elephants .. monkeys... lots of birds...
Was kinda bidding farewell to this place... I dont wanna leave u... :(
We went through Mysore city. 6 yrs in this town.. a place where again if given a choice would love to stay back and settle down. Seeing the Chamundi hills itself bought a smile on my face, all the memories were just so fresh as if everything happened just yesterday.
D saw me and said " you are so happy ". I really was happy. So happy coz i was there in mysore, saw the places where i used to shop, pick up stuff from the market and so on. I will never have anything bad to speak about this city. Saw Mysore Palace from outside and then drove down our way back to Bangalore.
Halted at Maddur again for a while and then back to Bangalore. It was getting a bit to warm .By the time we reached bangalore it was 12pm. Dhananjaya dropped us down at Tripti's home and he went back to his home.
We cooked lunch at her place.. laughed laughed and laughed.. now why we laughed D, Abu and Tripti know it well. I got back home at 6.30pm, exhausted and tired. and i was off to sleep by 7.00pm.
Got up at 9.30pm had dinner and again off to sleep....

This was about the trip that i had been for. A much needed holiday, where a lot of things were sorted out, joy , happiness, sorrow and fun. Got to know eachother more. I really dont know but then in a gist, this was a wonderful trip.

This trip as supposed to be a surprise for me but since Abu and Tripti couldnt manage things coz of their commitments, they had no choice but to break up the news to me before hand, but that was really a sweet thought by them and thanks D for taking us for this wonderful trip.


Blogger Pradeep said...

I am can well understand how much energy get pumped back into you after such trips. Glad that you had a great time... Must have been a really memorable one...

July 16, 2005 11:25 AM  

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