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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Journey through bloggin ~~

I dont know why but for the past few days i am feeling too nostalgic and yes its true that Nostalgia is the real me !!

1) Myself – I have a rich fantasy life. I now try to live in the moment which is a constant challenge. I cycle through one obsession after another.
2) Wisdom-- One year back, I left DELL and got into a job at Accenture, a life where i wanted to live like a ture indiviual.13th May 2004 I found a 12 Step Program that taught me to live in the moment. Some things that I learned to do are:
*Live in the moment.

*Don’t give advice.
*Agree with the complainer.
*Feel the pain and let it go.
*Pain comes from attachment.
*Never insult the cook.
*I don’t have to be right.
*Don’t add to the chaos.
*Don’t make predictions.
*If I cannot say it to your face then don’t say it.
*Don’t blog about sex, religion or politics.

3) Regrets – I have none. I cannot change the past so why bother? When I do regret I find I am either Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Then I correct that and the regret goes away.

4) Family – I was raised with true family values,but the question is how much did i follow. My parents and their relatives have over 160 years of marriage and a family which has endless branches of a family tree. Sometimes get a feeling that i haven't done anything for my parents and haven't proved to be a good daughter or lived upto their expectations. Sorry mom ! sorry dad !
5) Films – Two years ago I joined Dell and watched about 75 movies in this duration till date, mostly ones that I had missed over the years. I enjoy Entertainment Weekly because my best fantasies revolve around movies. I started blogging which had taken over my life. Writing, movies and friends are active sports, which gives me more pleasure.
6) Faith – My faith comes from Hinduism,Christianity and Zen. My 12 Step Program brought my faith into sharp focus.
7) Blogging – It satisfies my need to record, count and report as good accountants do. I started blogging as a way to connect to my thoughts through writing. Made a lot of changes recently in the blog and a good chance to play around with the HTML codes.
8) Words – I am constantly working on my writing, thanks to Sujinder { my chat friend in US of A} In my previous life I enjoyed writing e-mails to express my ideas. I enjoyed the self documenting aspect of e-mails. I do have difficulty writing as fast as the
ideas come.

9) Friends – I make friends easily and loose them over time. My friends come primarily from work, and other friends or internet. I do cultivate friendships,but i know that they just come and go. But being a sensitive person i get attached to people very easily. I have several new friends from blogging.
10) Ideas – People around me, my family, my life and myself.


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