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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Whats in a blog!!!

Well have been contemplating this for a while now and guess the moment of truth has finally arrived .... yes people this officially is my first blog ever.

Must admit it wasnt easy . A good number of roadblocks for the first step in a long journey ..... the most popular one being the session thingie...good for me I read thru whatever other bloggers had to say. A friend also suggested that I type stuff in a notepad(windows not your standard scribbling pad ) before I post a blog, and then tell me just how much inspiring can the notepad be ! :) Still on the time-out...
I mean people have huge expectations from bloggers I guess, among which the toughest would be they think we are really capable of thinking on our feet. Sorry to disappoint you folks! Our brains reside in our knees and thats way higher than what you anticiapted. They also think we are really good and fast at formatting (font,size, templates, left margin right margin )...*sigh*

Then the choice for a URL? If you come late all the good ones names taken and if you are the proverbial early bird you are really spoilt for choice ..way too many worms.... just can em and Go Fish I say!. I chose this coz I like to believe I am concerned about the environment and this is the least I could do. Really!

Name aaah name whats in a name ? This is a tricky part to choose the right balance between anonymity yet retaining the quintessential "you". You are not allowed to change it later coz you would be shown the way to some whacky therapist(will cost you dearly) for displaying symptoms of a very fashionable syndrome MPD. Its really an in-thing these days. But then, as I do with my wardrobes decide more on comfort than fashion. I love desserts and I love roses and I also love the song by Sting. There!

Getting into the thick of things ...what do I write about ? Seriously no jokes! A myraid of topics under the sun too choose from.... gender based issues, love marriage, current affairs ;), memories, ,........................................................ . Will broadly classify them into two categories, my personal fav and hot topics the junta would love to read. After a series of debates with a mirror I ruled out the later coz that would reduce me to a tissue paper (read newspaper, with due apologoies to all my journalist friends)

Having written all this, I am embarassed to admit that I promised a friend my blogs would comprise of only one line or at most 30 words! Well then at least I made one person smile :) And surely she must be well now!


Anonymous sara said...


The more I visit your blog, the more I enjoy it. I'm glad that you started writing here for the world to read. Makes the distance from India to North Carolina seem a lot smaller.

April 13, 2005 1:27 PM  

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