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Friday, April 15, 2005

Whats for the day!!!

I had a rough day when I realized no matter how much I want it, sometimes you just cant get all you want.

Its so hard to know that some wishes don't come true
So hard to realize that you can't have all you want
Sometimes our fantasies carry us away
in to a world where everything is ok

Its so hard to tell your heart that love is not found
Its hard when the person who should always be there

We are always taught to trust our hearts
that our dreams will never fail us
yet we are faced with so many days when
all we were taught seems like a lie

What can you do when you can't have a dream
When you just try but its hopeless
When you look at the sky and you begin to cry
Wondering where the next step will come from
You have no choice but to go on
the world can't stop just for your tears

You know its unfair
And that it's all a lie sometimes
But yet there's faith that dreams will
come true and sun will shine your way


Blogger Pradeep said...

It's so true that... your can't get all that you want. If you could, what will be left in the world!!!

I have come to realise that we should always leave a realistic margin... Like if we want, say, 10 things to happen, expect only 6 or at best 7 to happen. Even if only 5 work out, take it your stride.

Life is unfair, Kiran... I don't know whether it is a realistic or pessimistic or cynical way of looking at things...

Yet, somehow, I haven't lost the hope that there is a lot of goodness left for all of us. Because there have been a number of pleasant surprises.

To savour that goodness, we shouldn't let bitterness and sourness of life spoil the sweetness of life.

April 17, 2005 1:16 PM  

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