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Monday, April 04, 2005

Post B'day effects !!!

Still not able to come over the hang of it that my b'day is over.. had nice fun..
Putting a few snaps here that were taken in my office for the so called cake cutting and smashing ceremony....
These snaps were taken last night in office..

My b'day cake Part 1 No dont be surprised with my name.. coz thats how my great company has put my name in the records... its actually kiranmayi v r

My b'day cake Part 2

The person to get crusified in the next few minutes

yaar i dont feel like cutting the cake..it looks good with my name on it.

To my team mate Rashmi

Thats it i am done here. !!!

Sharath all set to put this snap on a matrimonial site.

To great Photographers taking eachothers snap . Sumon and behind the camera is Sharath.

Team snap.. not that very clear though..

Sanjay all set for a date with Maliaka Arora on 9th at Accenture

Yummy tastes good

Chee Chee dirty dirty.. Paul behind..

The model of our team..He is gonna do Modelling for Maliaka on 9th;Tries so hard but still no girl falls for him. His name is also Kiran.

This is Umakanth..one guy who never stops looking at girls and he likes only HR girls.I wonder whats the secret with HR..

Sharath. he is one guy whose knowlegde is always appreciable.

Poor me. These guys na.. wait i will also do this to u all one day. Mera bhi number aayega

look at this..just look at me. these ppl removed the rose from the cake and put it on my forehead. dont know the correct placing also.

Paul and Sumon enjoying the cake.

Sowmya. She is one girl who tolerates all of us even after raggin her so much. but is fun. she really is a sweet gal.


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