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Saturday, April 09, 2005

My Accenture Show snaps Posted by Hello

My god this was on hell of a show that we went for last evening.
It was the My Accenture 2nd aniversary bash. And this was one hell of a show that i hav every been to......... Lights .........Camera......... Action........ That was what it was all about........
It was a platform to promote and appreciate each one’s internal talent. A day where all the people from various Business Processes stand on one common ground, as one team.
A day where fun reinvents itself over & over again,A reason to let your hair down, A chance to flaunt your talent and have the ‘best in business’ personify you inActing, Singing, Dancing, DJing.
An guess who the MC for the show was.... None other than Maliaka Arora Khan.
Man; what was she.. a hot sensational seductive lady, who doesnt look like as if she is married or had a kid ever. She was amazing.
This was what my eveing was all about:
5:45pm-- Left home for the show.
6:10pm--reached the venue and searching for my friends.
6:15pm--got my friends finally and went in with them for the evening bash.
6:30pm--Accenture rock band performance.
7:15pm--Enters the Hot Maliaka Arora
7:25pm--Ethnic Fashion Show.
7:50pm-- God's own call center, Drama
8:30pm-- some random momacts and stuff...
and then dont ask me the timings ahead coz i dont remember them either..lol
but the programs listed are below:
Hawain beach wear..Club Wear..Womens in colors..Power formal wear..Party night wear..--Fashion Show..
We also had..the western music group singing all the way Bon Jon Jovi's songs..Cher..Mettalica and stuff....
We had the Contemporary Dance--thats a fusion dance..
Then we had the western dance with the songs-- Yeah!!(Usher), Dhoom--(English dhoom machale version), Kabhi Aar( Raghav) and the other song..hmmmm i dont remember.. lol..
and that wa the end of the program.. we all were out of that place by 10pm.
It was really nice.
Maliaka Arora had invited a couple of ppl over the stage to dance with her.. though she didnt dance much.. but her jhatkas and matkas were enough for the men around to drool over her..
It was a evening to remember.. enjoyed a lot.. durng the event and after the event toooo...


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