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Monday, April 18, 2005

Monsoon Magic

The ever familiar sight of grey skies after a long dry and dreary summer. Well not quite dry due to some mid summer rains but the average Indian's affair with monsoon has an altogether different and special charm.

Day or night, its alwas a beautiful sight. And then its a bonus if it rains during a holiday. A nice book in the hand, aroma of aloo bondas from the kitchen (wonder if Mom used G Gus's recipe!), coffee and some funny kinda music that makes you feel more monsoonish :) [Those in tune with Indian Classical music will know I am talking about Megh Malhar...and for those who know just Indian film music "bol re papihara " should ring the bell. I am not quite sure I know any such in Death metal ...anybody with the info let me know since its such a popular genre out here.] Anyways you feel compelled to view the rain from your window/balcony just as the sight of a sunrise or a sunset most certainly puts you into a pensive mood.

Come night and its just as beautiful if not more. The quiet clear star spangled summer nights are replaced by rythmic pitter-patter and the waving of tree braches in unison and a thick veil of cloud that hides all the celestial bodies visible to the naked eye and still appeals to the romantic in us.

There is an execess of natural monochrome that is splashed all over the place during the time, but then you also have hues of flame orange (from the Gul mohar) and the brilliant peacock blue(with its majestic rain dance). Can we ask for more?


Blogger Kishore said...

An overcast sky.. Hot aloo bondas.. and a cricket match on TV.. Thats a heavenly feeling..!! :)

April 20, 2005 2:38 AM  

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