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Friday, April 22, 2005


Windchimes sound so nice ...sweet little tinkles or some wooden pipes hitting each other to the rhythm of a soft breeze. But on a windy day .... you would like to pull it out of the neighbours window/balcony and throw it wherever. No other way to shut it up.

Today is my parents wedding aniversary. Surprised my dad with a citizen ecodrive watch...and mom a 3 peice crystal bowl matching to the new dinner set that she bought last month. And the second suprise for them was an all expenses paid special romantic dinner for 2 at the Taj Residency, courtesy their sweet daughter Kiran :)

I always wonder how 2 different people can go such a long way togeather example in my parents case 24 YEARS. Isnt that too long. And my mother never seems to be runnnin short of topics to talk with dad. They both are a wonderful couple, changed with time, generation, environment.
Changed their habits to accept eachother. Finally in the end its all about Change..

Change..... is something everyone looks forward to. But then they say its the only thing that is constant in life. If its constantly happening why do we fail to notice it?
Is it like a grain of sand in an hourglass, insignificant and unperceivable? And over a period of time becomes stark and irreversible.

How many times have we not pressed the rewind button on our lives, paused and done then-and-now analysis? And how, in the past we have never imagined that we'd be as we are today!
Life really is full of surprises. Never ceases to amaze you. And no matter how much you crib, complain about the lack of it, change is very much there. Only you cant see it.

Reminds me of lyrics of a song I heard recently:
raste na badle, na badlaa jahaan
{ roads havent changed, neither has the world}
phir kyon badalte kadamb hain yahan ... { then y should we change ours steps here }


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