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Monday, April 25, 2005

Accidents ___-----

Do you want to hazard a guess as to what you would be reading in the next few minutes?

Sorry it has nothing to do with the hopeless traffic situation in Bangalore, or other Indian cities or even cities across the world. Try again??

No its not about the safety measures one has to take at ones home/workplace to minimise the possibility of physical injury or damage.

I am sure your roving eyes wouldnt have missed the glaringly obvious image and you are not quite sure what it is that I am trying to tell, allow me to be so kind as to save you further trouble. Er irritation actually. [Arent I so sweet?]

Its just the (incomplete ;) ) title of a book I put down only recently. "Accidents like Love and Marriage". (There might be a few resultant accidents but she refrained from the topic. No prizes for guessing why it didnt quite make it to the indelible mark category. With a title like that the author could have probably done a lot more. With the aid of a family in Delhi and three other related families she tries to delve on incompatibilities that seem to be inevitably surface in almost every marriage. I must mention it was more like a light hearted bollywood movie, quite predictable and moderately funny. One thing had me thinking do people really know love and marriage to be accidents or are they wise after the event?

Finally getting to the subject I really wanted to talk about. Do I hear some sighs of relief or what. :) "Love and Marriage"
First, Love. Aaah! What more can I say? What more can anyone say? I am so sure reams and reams would have been churned out(not only by the writers employed by greeting card manufacturers) before this blog and is likely to continue till some doomsday-like situation leaves the world in total annihilation.

Now on to marriage...hmmm and where do I begin? I am not really sure. I have nothing against the institution. Seriously! But if it were left to me I would broadly classify the world into two: married and the singletons. And the married people can further be divided into two
1) those who want everyone else to marry,[ardent matchmakers these] and
2) those who do not want anyone else to marry.

It doesnt need an IQ level of Einstein to figure out category 1) are quite happy with the turn of events after their marriage and 2) arent. But once in a while one does tend to run into another unexplicable kind who are not happy but still want others to get married.

My take on marriage .. well seems like an inevitability if you look at it in the Indian context. How often have we heard people saying .. Aaah he is 30+ and he is still not married ? And by the end of the discussion he would in all probability be reduced to some mean worm wasting his life in sordid underground dungeon with only some moths for company. It could even be worse if it were a lady. It might take a while(maybe a decade) before we actually have characters sketches like Ally McBeal or Bridget Jones? Certainly, I am not saying they are my idols. But marriage is not the be-all or end-all of life.

Off late, I have been meeting quite some new people.. happens, when you move to a new locality. And another thing I am in the process of getting used to through these conversations is... the third or fourth question being as to how many (non-existent)kids I have?? aaaarrrgggghhhhhh. Roll my eyes and reply in the negative also informing them about my single status. And the kind of replies I get are pretty thought provoking.

"You dont know it but I swear you are so lucky"
"Enjoy as much as you can, you are surely gonna miss it later."
"If you ask me would I prefer being single or married, I am not sure I would be in a position to tell you?"

I am sure there is a Cupid(or a matchmaker) lurking somewhere for everyone. You need any tips to match your wits with the match maker, maybe I can help. But if its Cupid, I am getting outta here.

Here's an image that throws light (and other missiles) on the all-so-serious topic of love and marriage(to some extent).


Anonymous sara said...

That's a great graphic!

April 26, 2005 9:03 PM  
Blogger Kishore said...

Love after marriage is blank!! Hmm.. interesting...

April 27, 2005 6:51 AM  

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