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Friday, April 01, 2005

1 more day to go !!!!!

Today was a very nice and active day :) .......
We had the auditions for the war of the dj's contest in office.... awesome music.. i must say these guys played really well.
Wore a new light blue shirt and jeans and to my surprise i saw so many ppl wearing blue today. Was kinda happy coz everyone liked the shirt.
Spoke to my good friend today..he too was wearing a blue.. hahahaha....
From tommorow will be on leave for the next 5 days but will still come to work. coz i know i will miss my office..
Two donkeys met at a wayside and got talking. One was a robust looking fellowwho was without a master; the other a miserable looking specimen who belonged toa brick-kiln owner. The robust fellow hee-hawked: "what's matter with you?? youlook famished and woebegone.""My master is very cruel. He gives me very little to eat, loads me with hundredsof bricks and beats me with his stick.""So! why don't you run away ?"The lean-thin donkey explained, "You see my master has a very pretty daughter.He also beats and abuses her." "What's that to do with you.?" "Every time he thrashes the girl he says 'one of these days I'll marry you offto this donkey' My job has better prospects U C."


Blogger sach_D_truth said...

Cooolll u r amking me jealous
anyways njoy chirpy...andtodayialso worelight blue kurta and blue jeans :)
chal Njoy!Cheers!

April 02, 2005 8:46 AM  

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