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Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Horoscope for the day worked..

Oh my god................. oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really have no words to say this... i am like gone completely crazy.... everythig is just so different different in this world today..... its a beautiful morning...... with nice weather....... and good ppl around me with smiling faces..... oh man life has become heaven in minutes...
Anyway .. yesterdays horoscope... was TRUE... i went out on date.. actually was just a casual calling on to the friend and it was nice meeting him after a long time... actually there was something that i told him yesterday.. I was scared to tell him about that coz i felt that might lose him... but then i had to tell it coz i knew that he also wanted to know about the same and i was just trying to ignore the topic every single time we spoke... but trust me it really feels better after telling about it to someone.. atleast him.. he knows me so very well and still has faith in me { i guess so} .. thanks a lot pal for being there for me..
Overall a awesome date..... :)


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