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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

MSN Horoscope Rocks!!!

I know now a days ppl dont believe much in horoscope and stuff.....but then this time i hav no choice but to believe in it. I have bn noticing this for the past few months that the MSN daily horoscope that i get everyday inmy Inbox has 80% of the times been true.
And now when i checked my Inbox and checked my horoscope for the day . IT WAS JUST PERFECT.

Today you may want to go your own way regardless of what anyone else wants, Kiranmayi V R. Your independence is very important to you. However, compromise might be necessary to avoid serious conflict. Consider splitting your time to allow for the wishes of those close to you and time for yourself, as well. Explain to your loved ones why you need time to yourself - if done with grace and humor, they'll undoubtedly support you.

I did have an argument with my mother. Was really bugged, irritated, crying, hatred and what not. I just wanted to get out fo the house and go out somewhere but at the same time i was very slepy also coz i had worked almost for more than 12 hrs which is a lot for me to work though.lol....
Lets c if i can go out somewhere today evening , but like always i ned to ask permission from my parents just like the way the horoscope says Grace and Humor and things will work..........

Way to go MSN.......... thanks a lot


Blogger a.J. ("( 'o', ) said...

i hate arguing with my mother as well. keep on blogging... i think it heLps. LOL

March 22, 2005 8:17 PM  

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