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Friday, March 25, 2005

Heights of Frustration and Anger !!!

Lets take this scenario...
U are in college and all of a sudden there is a this guy who comes into ur life. Teaches u. Makes u look at a life in a different way. Makes u help build ur career.
U too become good friends. Day and night u think only about him. Try to know more about him. It just so happens that u know all the things that he likes and most of the things that he hates. U feel like talking to him day and night, evening and afternoon, early morning and midnight. Every minute every second u feel like talkng to him.
To tell u the truth the reason y i joined the first compnay was only for him coz i wanted to work with him so that i can see him everyday and know more about him.
BUT... what happens.... i sign my appointment letter and the very next day he says he is joining another company. Point 1 of frustration.
He works for another company and is happy there and my life here is miserable. Never made him realise it or express it that i was in love with him. Mail him , talk to him without bothering about the telephone bill. Try ur level best to meet him as many times as possible in a month.
But ofcourse never used to work. Point 2 of frustration
Then u finally tell him that " hey I love U" and he says nothing about it. U get close to him. Finally one day he tells u " this is not going to work, end all this before we end up hurting eachother more" Point 3 of frustration.
U try to take things to ur stride and accept the fact. Change everything in ur life. Ur living , ur job, ur lifestyle, U have a complete makeover for what he did to u. and then go through ur life as if nothing happened at all.. Of course talking to him comes down drastically and mails too... and was missing him like a dosa for a small peice of butter on it. Point 4 of frustraion
Then he starts calling me u up and u get back to square one. Want to be with him, talk to him, speand every mintue with him. But No its not possible. Y give hopes to the damn person man when u know that he is going to say the same old crap. " dont get into things before it hurts u and me more" Point 5 of frustration
U realise that he trying to aviod u again. He is not well. U call up everyday twice. Once in the morning and once in the evening. And speak for how LONG.... 5 seconds....12 seconds...23 seconds....54 seconds.... this is what happened for the past 4 days. He is not well......
Y the hell do u call up man. U r calling up that person coz u care for him and want him to be fine. Is there any problem if u call up twice and ask " hey how u feelin today, what did the doctor say?" Is there anything wrong in it..... and one fine day he neither takes ur call and doesnt even bother to call u back. Point 6 of FRUSTRATION and ANGER

What the hell is life about guys. U care for some one so very much and this is what u get in return. How do u expect this person to feel when someone is not bothered about u at all. U r not getting to his nerves right. If that is the case then y doeant the other person SPEAK........
I hate this ................this person has now decided that she will not ever call him up till he shows any kinda interest that yes ..... this person out here is waiting for ur call...


Blogger sach_D_truth said...

won't write in detail about this...but what i feel is that in our life if we have a thing called true love for somwone then it actually doesn't matter whether u get anything in return...because what true love preaches is that u have to love someone selflessly and you want all the best for ur partner or the person u love...
The moment u start expecting something in return u start getting frustrated and one day the so called true love would actually disappear...i think if u love someone so much and u know he/she is not going to be urs then just leave it there and pray toGOD for there well being! Be happy in there happiness!
Thats it...

March 28, 2005 12:40 AM  

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