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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Heights of Frustration and Anger !!! --2

well he finally called me up 2 days back all of a sudden and asked me... how come no calls.... I said "i was not in a good mood thats y didnt want to spoil ur mood either"... he said "no there is something else.. u r hiding something from me".........
And i ignored the topic and continued with someother topic chat..... we spoke for 18 mins 34 seconds.......he called me up again yesterday and we spoke for a while again.... and asked me "busy?" i said "have i ever been busy for u" ..... and invited him for a small party on saturday night... lets c what he has to say for it..... coz he has his exam for MBA ICFAI on sunday......might come might not come who knows.....
Lets c what happens... but i know that he is not happy with his job.. things r not going the way he wants them to be and i feel bad for him coz he is taking the work to hard on his mind and heart.... :(


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