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Sunday, March 27, 2005

6 Days for the Countdown !!!

Today was a hectic day, Night shift was extremely sleepy and boring too.
All my friends were asking me if i played Holi!!!
Well what do i tell them.. This one festival Holi, the so called festival of colors.. i dont like it..I used to play a lot of holi when i was kid say maybe till 7th grade but not after that... not that i dont like colors but then ppl tend to get kinda crazy on that day.. feel sometimes its a bit too much of a hassle... anyways. Overall I DONT LIKE HOLI anymore now..
Well as the heading for this post says... 6 days for the countdown.........well thats for my b'day.
My birthday is on 3rd April... I wonder what i am gonna do on my bday but like always can saw one thing that on the day of my b'day every yr i have cried always. Some or the other crazy reason i start crying.
Anyways forget it . got to go now will see u guys later.... byeeeeeeeee n have a nice day......


Blogger sach_D_truth said...

6..nd counting...
Hey i request u sweety plzzzz plzzz plzzzz plzzzzz don cry this time...
i dont want u to b sad...its ur Bday then Cheer up and spread the Smile virus evrywhere!
Hoping to see ur chirpy mood and the gigling smile on ur bday!

And i like holi a lot...and specially this time...obviously i will like as i was the only guy playing holi with 4 gals :):D


March 28, 2005 2:17 AM  

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