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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Is Sachin ( yup, GOD himself) past his prime???

hey guys...

Until a couple of years ago, the very thought would have seemed like outright sacrilege...but not anymore, i guess... while couch-potatoeing as usual, surfing mindlessly thru all those channels, i found this rather intrsting poll on whthr, Sachin Tendulkar (yup, GOD himself) was past his prime?

They say most batsmen reach their peak performances in their 30s...having started at 16, has he burned out already.There's a definite n drastic change in his approach to batting lately, which obviously hasnt done him any gud. I never thot i wud live to see the day when they contemplate doing the unthinkable...dropping him from the team!! but at this rate, tht day isn't far either..valuable thots n inputs invited from all.. cheers


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